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These are guns I made before I got on instructables.....there is a g36, g18, Python and Python stub nose, AKS-74U, mp7, ?, xm8, m16, HK 416, mp412, halo Assault rifle, ump45 and a scar-H......please comment


gordonfreemanisalive 23 (author)2014-04-12

I finally got internet oh, and did I mention,i made a lego desert eagle a m4 assault rifle and the galvaknuckles from bo2

Delta-13 (author)2013-12-21

Hey man, nice weapon! Go to and search the sniper.Click people at the topish. You will see a person with a red brick icon. Thats me! I have a skorpion evo out of lego!

War pig (author)Delta-132013-12-21


Those are all really really nice.

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