This is a Semi-Automatic Rubber Band Gun (by which I mean it SHOOTS rubber bands, since I think the ones that shoot rods hurt too much). It's designed to be as RUGGED as possible, because I was tired of stopping our RBG wars every 2 minutes because somebody's gun broke.

The spacing of the 2 gears that make up the repeater mechanism at the heart of this gun was adapted from MrRadicalEd's RBG Repeater, because it's so simple and works better than all the more complicated ones I've made or tried.

Picture 1: Complete "Gunzo The Great"
Pictures 2&3: Shows my adaptation of MrRadicalEd's 2 gears. (just a model demonstrating the size and relative positioning of the gears)

Thanks to MASTERMIND for the piece count:
6 white connectors (8-way)
38 yellow connectors (5-way)
6 green connectors (4-way)
20 red connectors (3-way)
4 light gray connectors (2-way)
2 dark gray connectors (1-way)
2 blue tabless (or tan tabbed) clip connectors

97 green rods
34 white rods
9 blue rods

7 blue spacers

Step 1: The Gun Sides

Build 2 of these. These are the Gun Sides.
Note, the Red Connector in the middle is missing in a few of the later pictures. That was a mistake. It is always supposed to be there.
<p>cool this is amazing!</p><p>shoots 100 ft.</p>
&nbsp;best knex gun ever.
there is better (not that this isn't good) likes the s3. its is semi auto and shoots pieces.
This is totally my choice of weaponry in a RB war. Compact, sleek, and has a ncie look. The trigger is a light pull, and has modding capabilities. Thanks for building such a great gun! (No wonder it's called &quot;Gunzo the Great&quot; !) :)
I LOVE this gun. It's a big gun, which is sweet and all, but for people with only a few pieces, (like me),well, it uses a lot of pieces. It is WELL worth it, though. =D 5*, you deserve it.
danroy, its clear enough to &quot;see&quot; and make<br /> so why complain?
This is my favorite RBG. =D
This is the first <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/K_NEX-Repeater-RBG/">Repeating rubberbandgun</a><br/>
Yep, that's the same one I mentioned in the description. Thanks to Mr. Radical Ed's design. I think I'm going to send him another thank you note.
Ow, sorry. didn't read that the first time
Hey, this is really great design. You managed to make the gun strong without requiring us to clip 7 connectors onto a rod all at the same time in an internal space while doing a dance and baking a pie.
Yeah, thanks. I'm not a big pie fan, and I'm a terrible dancer, so I never got into that style of Knex Design.
you can still see what your doing
blurry picture
it's not that bad
best knex rbg EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rev nice gun but i need a bit clearer instructions sorry but adleast this gun is still the best rbg pistol
best rbg gun ever total 5 star :D
Thanks for that encouragement! I know the gun can work well, although it apparently doesn't work for everybody. I thought maybe my instructions weren't clear enough. I'm glad you were able to use them for a successful build.
I combined this gun with knexguntutorials's shotgun. The result? Good.+
Nice Miles! Thanks for uploading the pic!
Why do all knex rbg's jam a considerable amount?
Not all, just semi-auto ones anyway...
not all do they work quite well actually it just may be that if you make it and forget a single spacer or something like that it jams
I build some of em with large spokes on the wheel like this one, and the band doesn't even pull off of the wheel sometimes.
are you holding down the triger? sometimes that causes it to do that, also you could try lengthening the barrel to create more pull on the gear
Is your avatar like a russian MiG or something (and yes, I do know what a MiG is)?
my avatar is the Russian su-37. the f-22 raptor was designed to combat this aircraft. however, Russia came up with the su-47, which is faster and can carry more ordinance than the f-22. to answer your question, the mig-31, was the original frame for the su-27. this evolved into the su-35. that was redesigned to the su-37, my avatar.
I don't hold the trigger, and the shot flies off with the next one, but I don't have the knex to mod every gun I build. thanx anyway.
how many ruber bands do you use and how thick are they, if you try lowering the thickness or lowering the number then your last effort would be to use stronger knex pieces at the triger and spoke areas
The bands aren't too thick, but not quite thin. However, they are sort of weak. And it's not that the knex pieces are messed up, the spokes are just too long.
well the only thing you could do is lengthen the barrel, I lengthened my barrel on the top by 2 yellow half circles which ended up giving me 20 extra parts, which i think is resonable
i'm more interested in knex guns that shoot rods anyway. So I'll just forget about knex rbgs for now
When you load the rubber bands, loop it over the first rod that is leaning backwards. On this gun, it's about One O'clock. And make sure the rubber band rests on the wheel connector NOT on the rod. If you just place it on the rod, after you load more rubber bands, the tension will pull the RB down and get pinched between the rod and the connector, and jam. I've been doing it this way so long, I forgot there was any other way, and was amazed at your original comment. My guns never jam.
I know that is how you load the gun, but when the spoke leans forward, as to release the band, the band just slides like halfway up the spoke instead of coming off.
After you load the gun this way, the first time you pull the trigger it won't fire, but from then on, it works great. Alternately, you can load the last rubber band without cocking it, and you're set to go. Again, I've been doing it this way so long, I forget to state what seems obvious to me. But I've got several of these around the house, and we have wars all the time. And they never, ever jam. Once you learn how, it's easy. Sorry it's so hard to learn.
Forget it you have no clue what I'm talking about... So stop acting like I'm the clueless one here, k?
Oompa Loompa,<br/><br/>I'm really sorry you took offense at my answer. I absolutely don't think you're clueless. I know for certain I'm a terrible communicator, because I always use too many words, and say the same thing over and over again. I forgot I had added an entire step in the instructible on &quot;how to load the gun.&quot; I didn't realize I was just repeating myself.<br/><br/>It's just what you said:<br/><br/><em>but when the spoke leans forward, as to release the band, the band just slides like halfway up the spoke instead of coming off.&quot;</em><br/><br/>...that's a perfect description of how the gun works, <strong>except that's not when it's supposed to &quot;release the band.&quot;</strong> It's not supposed to release until you pull the trigger again.<br/><br/>Thanks for letting me know I ruffled your feathers. Otherwise I never could have apologized.<br/>
Maybe my bands were too small, because sometimes when it's apparently "not" supposed to come off when the spoke leans forward, it will every once in a while, either jamming the gun or shooting two shots at once. But I wasn't trying to start an argument, sorry bout that.
i builted a semi auto ketchup gun!!!!!!!! load 9 ketchup packets into the handle, cock the slide, and as you pull the trigger, it squeezes the pack w/ hella force! a spray of catsup comes out the front and the slide is automatically pulled back and releases the empty pack!!!!!! it is semi auto. pull trig. splat. repeat.
Notice the intentional "builted".
I'll try and perfect it and post. It isn't K'nex.
I don't have any spare ketchup packets...
AH, D*** IT GO TO MCDONALD'S!!!!!<br/>
LOL I hate McDonald's
LoL, what do you need to make the gun?
wood. and some PVC.

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