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this is great for airsoft/paintball or even hunting, and super cheap!

Step 1: First

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what you will need;
-a pair of scissors
-a large needle
-large string/wool (camo colors)
-and a large piece of como burlap (now i know this is hard to find but i went to wholsale sports, and i'm sure any large outdoor sports stores will carry these, there designed for duck hunting to set up a blind and will cost about 15-20$ and this can make two)
-and 4-6 safety pins

Step 2: Second

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so what you want to start doing is lie on your burlap sheet so that on edge is far enough away from your body to put your arms by your sides once you have that you have your width, now to get length stay lying but move forward so that your head is sticking over one edge there has to be enough room for the distance you want between the bottom and your feet and the height of your head from your shoulder. Now cut down the middle and fold over you body so that your wearing it like a poncho and thus to have a poncho cut a hole in the top for your head. (sorry its kinda hard to explain but i think you will get it)
*NOTE IMPORTANT if this clarifies anything your basically making a poncho that is attached at the sides

Step 3: Third

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now that you have your cut you can fit it to your body with safety pins dont worry about over lapping to tighten the fit.
*NOTE IMPORTANT dont pin it to tight or you wont be able to fit it past your shoulders.

Step 4: Forth

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now that you have your body you need a hood/ texture. I got a long rectangle left over from fitting it to the proper height and folded two of the corners and sowed them together and then took the pointy tip left and folded it down and sowed it to the hood now since its so long I cut the back into strips and gave it texture since that will lie on my back.

Step 5: Fith

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the finished product!
i thought i might mention that after i was done i cut a lot of triangles into the body and hood but don remove them keep them attached to make it look like leaves. (also if you didnt notice you need a long sleeve shirt i camo color green?)


xxmixkexx (author)2008-11-19

you are aware this is not a ghillie suit

ColinM65 (author)xxmixkexx2016-04-30

It doesn't say ghillie suit, it says camo suit.

red-king (author)xxmixkexx2008-11-19

ghillie suits have artificial leaves and sticks sewn into them to improve the camoflage and increase the amount they blend into the background.

SO4Jesus (author)red-king2012-06-09

Not a;ways artificial. Actually, the majority of the time in war, they're real.

xZCodmaNZx (author)red-king2009-04-26

PkTraceur is right im working on my own ghille suites and to base is net to add natural vegg. P.S. how can you sew sticks on

Kendallkip (author)xZCodmaNZx2011-02-23

Natural vegetation probably wouldn't be a good idea, as it would die and you would look like a giant person-shaped bush of dead stuff.

lunius (author)xZCodmaNZx2010-12-22

Lightly with a mallet..

bubba j (author)red-king2010-06-21

Ghille suits have jute stings attached to a bdu and are colored match the enviroment the sticks and leaves you will see are REAL and are "vegged up" in for added camouflage and are added and replaced as you pass through different environments

red-king (author)bubba j2010-06-22

you can buy then for hunting with artificial vegetation attached. I would imagine for someone that goes through many different environments (such as a sniper), it would be beneficial to use plants from those environments.

PKTraceur (author)red-king2009-03-21

Not necesarily artificial. Som eghille suits are comprised of just a net, and the wearer adds local flora. -PKT

waverider894 (author)PKTraceur2009-05-01

Yeah, you can always buy a misquito net or something and sew/glue it on, then you can attach the folliage and stuff to your suit.

zack attack (author)2010-06-10

wont blend into desert

aseaheru (author)2009-09-14


Airsoft_Maniac_96 (author)2009-08-14

get the camo burlap at walmart

Airsoft_Maniac_96 (author)2009-05-02

what u should do is sew on black net then go to your local craft store and buy the most realistic stuff they have to go with the environment attach that then go outside and add real grass leaves etc. then it will be like a ghillie suit instead of a camo wrap. :)


Landon Sullivan (author)2008-11-04

That it a G36? I like G36.

henry124 (author)Landon Sullivan2009-03-21

umm its a walther airsoft gun and yes i believe its a G36 it was semi and full auto along with spring i havent used it in a while tho i use higher grade guns now but i would suggest it for a non professional players gun

oniman7 (author)henry1242009-05-19

If it's made by Walther, it's not a G36. The closest thing I can tell from the picture is maybe a G22? If it looks like a G36, it could be a WA2000. Put up a side picture and I can probably tell you.

I like G36 also XD Nice guns

J.D. Hound (author)2009-03-29

it was pretty good

stealth7 (author)2009-03-22

Ohh yea you blend in so good to you room enviroment! lol jkjk

narcoduck (author)2009-01-06

Don't mean to sound negative here, but your title is completely and utterly wrong. The idea you have may have stemmed from a ghillie suit, but the final result is really called a camouflage blanket. The Gurka bit of the title is definitely wrong, and is even spelt incorrectly. Ghurka has an h in it. Ghurka's are British Commonwealth soldiers that are from areas in (and sometimes around) Nepal, who make up a rather large unit of ethnic soldiers within the British Army. Although the Ghurkas may use camouflage blankets and ghillie suits, it is not usually affiliated with their units or traditions, unlike their large knives called khukri's. Hope this has given you an insight as to where your title is misleading, and misinformed. Sorry about being negative. Josh

henry124 (author)narcoduck2009-03-21

ya no worrys man and sorry for misleading you im a bit of a cheat and easy way kinda guy so a "camo blanket" like this was the right way to go for me ill change the title, and um i guess guess thanks for the ghurka explanation to tell you the truth i didnt really know what they where called so i used both

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