Here I show you how to fold a Guy Fawkes mask, like the one worn by V in "V for Vendetta". You will need 2 things:

1) A square of paper, black on one side, white on the other
2) Intermediate origami skill. I won't be covering that here. I recommend Stephen O'Hanlon's online primer: http://www.fishgoth.com/origami/basics1.html

I apologize for the crude hand-drawn figures. Since I vowed to submit the design while it was still in vogue, I needed to work at such a velocity that the validity of the proportions of this handmade "vector art" and the veracity of its virtual scale are vague.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwyIDogYaqI (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KK_gQW5r73s (Part 2)

larger pics of the diagrams can be found at
more of my origami can be found at

With that said, let's begin!

Step 1: "Step 1" - Getting Started.

a) Starting with the black side up, make two rabbit ears.
b) This is called the "fish base". Squash fold.
c) Reverse fold out the hidden corner.
d) Repeat b,c, on the left.
e) Valley fold the bottom point up to the tops of the squares.
f) Undo.
mi primer intento, trataré de mejorar, en mi rancho no hay papel con color de ambos lados, así que lo tuve que pintar XD
<p>Hi, which size paper did you work with? Want to buy the pacon fadeless, but at the price want to make sure I buy the right one :). Thanks so much!</p>
<p>Good diagrams to explain a wonderful model.</p><p>Nice and simple!</p>
<p>This is incredible! You're so talented.</p>
<p>Gurudon, you need to get different paper. Try Pacon Fadeless. Order it off the internet. Get a utility knife and cut it down to the size you want.</p>
After all this pain , I cried. I took my square out of A3 size sheet, and now this mask can only fit my palm. I didnt had a paper with black side (and I was too lazy to paint)....maybe that's why god made my mask like someone sat on a paper crumble. Great tutorial, tutorial maker, you are definitely a mutant with superpower. Have a look at mine :(
After all this pain , I cried. I took my square out of A3 size sheet, and now this mask can only fit my palm. I didnt had a paper with black side (and I was too lazy to paint)....maybe that's why god made my mask like someone sat on a paper crumble. Great tutorial, tutorial maker, you are definitely a mutant with superpower. Have a look at mine :(
<b><i>i&nbsp;</i></b>made one
nice job!
Wow! very interesting...
i.... am so confused. how exactly do you do the rabbit ear thing? @___@
i found out how to do it <br>
&quot;Crude&quot; hand-drawn figures?! Those were anything but crude.
very cool.
this is awesome!
You sir, must be a mathematical genius to figure out how to fold that. Good work!
Ok, first attempt at origami so I used a pretty large piece of paper 70cmx 70cm unfortunately it was the wrong kind of paper, too thin.<br><br>Most difficult part overall was getting the nose right. End result quite far from the one shown in the intro picture.<br><br>Anyway, fantastic tutorial thank you!!
I'm stuck after the squares Step 1 part c. Please help, the video didn't.
you pull out the corner that is under the flap, you'll have to bend it a little bit to see the flap.
How big should the paper square be so I could wear it?
I used a posterboard ^.^
Uhm, I did this, and my mask turned out to look like a crazy Asian man. xD
i think its more of master skill
me 2
my brain!!! you know what, lets just pretend guy fawkes was noseless @_@
i know! wicked hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait, got it. by taping on new nose! LOL looks horrible still <br>
really hard....specially the eyes...nose...and....all those tiny details.... great instructable!!
what is the size of the papper because i obbasly used to big of papper
obbasly? i've never heard that word before...
This is a really good model. The shaping at the end is pretty tedious though, especially with small paper. But overall, awesome.
i cannot understand a thing !!!!! :D
here is mine took me about a half hour to make
i dont understand the eyelids, how do u do it? mor detail plox O_o
This thing is Anonymous<br>This thing is Legion<br>This thing does not forgive<br>This thing does not forget<br>This thing is pure awesome. 5*
the little beard at the bottom isnt black when i finish it. did i do something wrong? :/
how do you make a base fish
This is a very good fold.<br /> Guys, like everything Japanese Origami requires very high levels of skill.
the nose is the hardest part of all<br />
<span title="Fold the Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami (Part 1)">Fold the Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami (Part 1) </span>
there is a vid on youtube<br />
its easy<br />
whoa...I followed until when you started on the eyes...after that it was all a blur ...o.,O...... But really good creation though. In the end I got something that looked similar to your example. Sort of.
If you make someone's project, you should always post a picture of your version of it in their comments... at least I feel that way. It does a couple of things- 1. )shows other people that the instructions are able to be followed, as well as 2.) points out potential problems or improvements to the author and community. So post a pic, your ninja honor demands it! :)
Ninjas unite! I just want to say one thing, wheres your pic? if you werent going to post one then you should have said you didnt make the project like im about to. I didnt make the project but it sure is great!<br />
I'm already lost.
This is amazing!... I'm not fantastic when it comes to paper folding.... Think this is a little out of my skills range!Welldone!<br />
<strong>GASP~!!! That looks hard!</strong>
I keep getting a 404 Not Found error on the link for larger pics. Help?<br />
AWSOME&nbsp;DESIGN&nbsp;!!!!!!!!<br /> BUT&nbsp;PLZ&nbsp;HELP&nbsp;ME&nbsp;PLZ<br /> THE&nbsp;LINK&nbsp;&nbsp;POSTED&nbsp;FOR&nbsp;BIG&nbsp;PICS&nbsp;i.e &quot;<a href="http://redirectingat.com/?id=487X782&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fchosetec.darkclan.net%2Forigami%2Fdiagrams%2Fvendetta" rel="nofollow">http://chosetec.darkclan.net/origami/diagrams/vendetta</a> &quot; IS&nbsp;NOT&nbsp;ACCESSABLE&nbsp;ATLEAST&nbsp;FROM&nbsp;MY&nbsp;PLACE....<br /> THE&nbsp;PAGE&nbsp;SHOWS:-&quot; <h1>Not Found</h1> The requested URL /origami/diagrams/vendetta was not found on this server.&quot;<br /> I&nbsp;DID&nbsp;TRY&nbsp;TO&nbsp;ACCES&nbsp;FROM&nbsp;MANY&nbsp;PLACES&nbsp;STILL&nbsp;NO&nbsp;LUCK..<br /> PLEASE&nbsp;IS&nbsp;THER&nbsp;ANY&nbsp;CHANCE&nbsp;U&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;GUVE&nbsp;ME&nbsp;ANOTHER&nbsp;LICK&nbsp;TO&nbsp;THESE&nbsp;PICS...<br /> THANK&nbsp;YOU&nbsp;VERY&nbsp;VERY&nbsp;MUCH&nbsp;IN&nbsp;ADVANCE..<br /> (IF&nbsp;U&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;U&nbsp;CAN&nbsp;ALSO&nbsp;POST&nbsp;THEM&nbsp;TO&nbsp;kheks.dudekrabman@gmail.com)<img alt="" class="qtl" src="http://www.qtl.co.il/img/copy.png" title="Copy selction" />

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