Gwendolyn is a youth who is being forced into marriage with a wicked man.
I love the eyes of your picture. Beautiful but sad and mysterious eyes. Absolutely expresive and fantastic!
cool art! :) I like art too! :D
i faved it
:D Thank you! That is so nice of you!
nice! Any more drawings?
Glad that you like it! I will try to put more up! :D
NIce work
Thank you!
Your welcome =)
Hooly crap! thats awesome! i suck at drawing! ur alot better than me xD
Thank you so much! The key to art is patience. It took me about 3 hours to make this!
WEll, thats bad for me i already told u about me nothaving patience :P
ME TOO! (again)
Well that is ok! Changing the subjsect: YOU SHOULD MAKE AN INSTRUCTABLE OF SOME SORT!
Me too!
The eyes are beautiful! Well I mean the whole drawing is, but the eyes just stand out like pow! so pretty!
Thank you very much!
She's gorgeous!
Thank you so much! I think that I did it wrong because it is in instructable form not slideshow, but whatever!
No it's in slideshow form!
oh ok! YAY!
I can't belive that yesterday I doubled my instructable count!
Yeah, that is awesome! Just out of curiosity, how many comments do you have overall on instructables?
I don't know. How would you find that out?
just go to "you" and if you look under discussions, it should say how many comments you have! I have 244!
So how many do you have?
wowie wow wow wow!!!
Ummm, thanks! lol!

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