The drawstring bag I was using to hold my gear would get smelly after a while. I wanted a bag that would let my gym accessories breathe. I selected Nylon thread because it is sturdier than regular yarn.

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If you are unfamiliar with creating double crochet stitches, etc., then refer to the basic crochet information found on various websites and YouTube videos.  One good source is

CH - chain
DC - double crochet
SC - single crochet
YO - yarn over
ST - stitch

Step 1: Materials

1.  Size I crochet hook
2.  Size 8 double pointed needles
3.  Hilos La Espiga 100% Nylon No. 6
Price: $6.30
Approximately 1 skein is required.  I had some yarn left over when I was finished.
NOTE:  However, for an optional bottom pocket, part of another skein may be required.
4. 10 inch Plastic Canvas Circular Sheet Purchased from Joann's.
Price: $2
5.  Scrap Fabric
6.  Blunt yarn sewing needle
7.  Short all-purpose zipper (optional for bottom pocket).
Awesome design! Looks really handy to have :)

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