Gypsy Trailers for the Bristol Renaissance Faire





Introduction: Gypsy Trailers for the Bristol Renaissance Faire

These two beautiful Gypsy Trailers were designed as mobile turnkey  sales trailers. the Idea was for a quick and easy moveable booth that held inventory and could be staffed by by one person.
 I started with a heavy duty planked bed trailer with a gypsy cart on top.
I Designed All parts of the trailers on Auto Cad.

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These are really beautiful! We are thinking of making something similar, do you have any issues with placement at the site? That was one thing we have been concerned with. I also couldn't read the files, or at least don't know what I'm looking at!

Sweet, Looks Great!!!

Glad the Instructable worked.

Point of sale Cart? Live in Cart?

Yes, Point of sale... this year, TRF and FLARF and maybe NYRF next year...

We bought rubber pond liner to glue to the rooftop - it won't leak!

Also, some of the pictures look purple -- it is actually dark cherry/fuchsia, not purple. The lights are LEDs and we'll probably remove them for the drive...


really inspiring stuff! how much were materials roughly?

Nice work , these could be changed to suit anyone for camping or other uses .

Might even be nice to use as a camper!

Im actually thinking about making one for next years ren-fest!!

Yes, This would make a wonderful camper with just a few Mods.