These two beautiful Gypsy Trailers were designed as mobile turnkey  sales trailers. the Idea was for a quick and easy moveable booth that held inventory and could be staffed by by one person.
 I started with a heavy duty planked bed trailer with a gypsy cart on top.
I Designed All parts of the trailers on Auto Cad.
<p>These are really beautiful! We are thinking of making something similar, do you have any issues with placement at the site? That was one thing we have been concerned with. I also couldn't read the files, or at least don't know what I'm looking at!</p>
<p>Still working... one more full day to get the outside ready to roll -- Michigan awaits!</p>
<p>Sweet, Looks Great!!! </p><p> Glad the Instructable worked.</p><p> Point of sale Cart? Live in Cart?</p>
<p>Yes, Point of sale... this year, TRF and FLARF and maybe NYRF next year... </p><p>We bought rubber pond liner to glue to the rooftop - it won't leak!</p><p>Also, some of the pictures look purple -- it is actually dark cherry/fuchsia, not purple. The lights are LEDs and we'll probably remove them for the drive...</p>
Second coat of paint goes on tomorrow and we cut the trim and sure up the corners.
<p>I couldn't read your CAD file, but I used your pictures to make one of our own... Not quite as fancy trim, and a bigger trailer to start-- we have half way through... putting the sheathing on the roof tomorrow!</p>
Thats turning out Beautiful. Great Job Love to see it when its finished.<br><br>bevmo63@gmail.com
<p>really inspiring stuff! how much were materials roughly? </p>
what a beautiful job!!
Thank You
Nice work , these could be changed to suit anyone for camping or other uses .
Might even be nice to use as a camper!
Im actually thinking about making one for next years ren-fest!!
Yes, This would make a wonderful camper with just a few Mods.
WONDERFUL!!...Could you post the AutoCad files??...They can be opened with free DraftSight...
I really love this sales trailer a lot..............I want one *smiles* &lt;3
amazing work!!
I've been &quot;getting ready&quot; to build a little wagon for years. Actually got one end finished once before evil forces made me &quot;get rid&quot; of it. Thanks for the inspiration....my wagon is back on!!
Congrats. It's a happy day when you can build something you have wanted to.
This is really cool, I only wish it was a step by step
Very nice, I like your projects alot
Thank you. Ronin
Wow!! Beautiful work!
Thank you. A lot of love went into these
beautiful :D
Thanks For the Kudos. Ronin

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