As seen in MotoGP Race, the rider is seen riding through corners while laying aside his bike to the left and right. But there is an interesting moment when the motor looks to collapse sideward, the front views remain horizontally. How could that be?
Such onboard camera applies GYRO system, where the camera will be fixed perpendicular to the gravity of the earth.


We could build our own Gyro Camera by using GYRO and ACCELEROMETER modules.
They are two separate modules, hence we have to use two modules simultaneously. Then we make Gyro Chip and Accelerometer Chip in one module (there are two chips in one module). In latest version they are made in one chip only, thus minimizing the distortion of movement calculation

In this article, the module is Triple Axis Accelerometer & Gyro Breakout – MPU-6050, which has 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer in one chip, supplied by power of 3.3volt.

In addition to module MPU6050, the following similar modules could also be applied:
• IMU Fusion Board – ADXL345 & IMU3000
• IMU Digital Combo Board – 6 Degrees of Freedom ITG3200/ADXL345

Module MPU6050 with its tiny size of 20mm x 15mm and height of 1.6mm.

The components are:
• Triple Axis Accelerometer & Gyro Breakout – MPU-6050
• Arduino UNO R3
• Digital Servo (use good and powerful servo)
• Breadboard Mini
• 9v Battery + Switch
• Box and other accessories.

If you using different board than Arduino Uno R3, SCL and SDA pins of MPU are also different:

VDD : +3.3V
VIO : +3.3V
SDA : Pin A4 (Arduino Uno, Ethernet) / Pin 20 (Mega2560, Due) / Pin 2 (Leonardo)
SCL : Pin A5 (Arduino Uno, Ethernet) / Pin 21 (Mega2560, Due) / Pin 3 (Leonardo)

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