This is my 5th version of a self-stabilizing gyroscope that was originally on two wheels, then on two chopsticks, then added active balancing mechanism and then back on two wheels with the rear wheel powered so it can drive forward and now it is steerable.

Update: 5/10 - Found that my motor is spinning at 5800 rpm at 6 volts but really need about 7000 rpm to get really strong balance without a lot of precession and therefore wobble. Also, force required to keep balance is about 150 grams.

First video shows latest version with steering.

Second video shows the gyro car in motion without steering.

Photo 1: shows complete steerable gyro stabilized two wheeler.

Photo 2: shows front steering mechanism.

Photo 3: shows other side of steering mechanism.

Photo 4: shows rear wheel, motor and lipo battery for drive motor.

Photo 5: shows a potentiometer that measures the gyro rotor angle and then adjusts a servo controlled counterweight thru an Arduino Uno to keep the gyroscope and vehicle balanced. (This photo does not have the steering mechanism).

Photo 5: shows front wheel with the Arduino Uno board on the bottom, then a piece of foam, then a 6 volt battery box to power the gyroscope motor and finally a lipo battery to power the Arduino.

Photo 6: the other side of the rear wheel.

<p>i want to do as my toy. it awesome. Can u give me details ow to do it. I am curious how u make it. your item and coding for arduino. </p>
<p>that u explained in v3</p>
<p>can i please know what is the thing after potentiometer</p>
<p>Very interesting machine! Good job presenting, I came from your other instructable on chopsticks :P</p>

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