Gyrocube Toy


Introduction: Gyrocube Toy

About: Im into 3d modeling and 3d desiegning..... I love crazy experiments.... I love to make stuff from a big fan of King of random.....

My first project. i am 11 years old and recently discovered and now immensely enjoy designing and 3D printing. the present project has been created in Auto Desk Fusion 360.

Gyro cube is a mechanical toy. It illustrates the gyro effect. Mine has 5 shells which will rotate hopefully. It can be used as a fidget toy too.

To make gyro cube in Fusion 360:

Step 1: Gyro Cube

1. Make spheres of different sizes from small to large.

Step 2:

2. Make holes in each sphere of appropriate size according to the dimensions.

Step 3:

3. Make the edges of the cut spheres smooth.

Step 4:

4. Assemble the spheres inside each other according to their sizes.



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    Proud of you, Megamind! :D

    Good work kaamil

    Excellent idea. Keep it up

    Nice work, Kamil. Keep it up.

    V nicely demonstrated.v informative project?

    That's a neat design, do you have any pictures of how you use it?