Introduction: Gyroscope Controlled Robot

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Hello everyone

Today i am going to make that can be controlled via mobile phone gyroscope.we are using bluetooth as connecting medium.

let's start............

Step 1: Things You Will Need

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2 motors and wheels.

1 caster wheel.

screw driver.

A arduino Uno.

A motor driving IC Module.


power pin.

Some 1-2-1 connectors.


Step 2: Assembly

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Now assemble motors to chassis by the help of screws and also fit caster wheel.

it's so easy.

Step 3: Electronics

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now connect motors pins to motor driving pin and connect arduino pins to motor driving IC's input.

now take HC-05(Bluetooth) and connect Vcc and GND to HC-05 and connect:

Rx pin bluetooth=>Tx pin arduino

Tx pin bluetooth=>Rx pin arduino.

Now all assembly is ready.

Step 4: Programming

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just upload give code to arduino using arduino IDE.

Step 5: Controlling

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Now download a app called "Bluetooth RC control" from playstore and connect app to HC-05.

now in app open setting=>connect to call=>HC-05.

Now when to tilt mobile robot will respond accordingly.

Comments (author)2016-03-30

can i use l298md .pls help me fat

SaadAbd (author)2016-03-22

great project!

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