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This is a little high stepping robot that moves forward based on the precession of a fast spinning gyroscope rotor. It is based on the work of John Jameson's Gyro Walker.

Photo 1: picture of my working robot. It is radio controlled with an ESC to control motor speed, a servo to move the legs. The rotor came from a PowerBall toy. See video for it in action.

Photo 2: patent picture of John Jameson's Gyro Walker.

Photo 3: picture of Jameson's robot walker in action - note: it was a wind up toy and he licensed his patent to some toy companies which made some toy robots based on his ideas.



jgustafson2 (author)2014-10-25

make it bigger and replace the rc car wheel with a circular saw.

JimRD (author)jgustafson22014-10-26

Hee hee. Actually that isnt a car wheel but the flywheel or gyroscope out of a PowerBall.

I think there is a fighting bot that uses gyroscopic precession and it is pretty insane.Gyroscopic precession is a very powerful force.

PRO DR MR BOB (author)2014-09-28

I always wanted to make a automatic gyro scope insted of having to wind it up with a string and now you have put a use for it i love the concept of it would love to make one soon when i get the chance!

JimRD (author)PRO DR MR BOB2014-10-13

Yeah I think gryroscopes are really cool and underrated I bought a good brass one that I am tearing apart to get to the flywheel. Then I need to drill out the hole so I can use a propeller adapter to hook it up to my motor. Then it should be smooth enough to use a digital tilt meter to control a servo on the gimbal and make it self balance like I did with the counter weighted one. Hope it happens.

prayag nao (author)2014-05-19

very nice GPR can you tell me about motor u used,l.e. it RPM,current & voltage rating

JimRD (author)prayag nao2014-05-20

380, 9volt rated (used 7.4 lipo), 600mah

JimRD (author)JimRD2014-05-20

sorry,used 11.1 lipo through the esc which i think only outputs 5 volts to the motor.

cellsk8 (author)2014-05-14

that is an amazing work!!. I would like to know what are the components that you use in this work?. I mean the modul for the radio controlled and if you use a microcontroller for the servomotor. I appreciate your help.

JimRD (author)cellsk82014-05-15

Hi. I used a 20 amp ESC Electronic Speed Controller for a brushed motor - this esc is found in RC aircraft stores. This runs the motor to spin the gyroscope. Then you need an RC aircraft transmitter and receiver. The servo that lifts the robots feet axle is plugged into the reciever. Finally a lipo battery plugged into the ESC. If you have an old transmitter/reciever and esc from an airplane kit that will probably do it. I happen to fly foam wings so had all the RC aircraft gear.

cellsk8 (author)JimRD2014-05-16

thank you very much my friend I trie to do this instrucable :), and congratulations for your work!!!

JimRD (author)cellsk82014-05-16

Sorry I don't have a really detailed instructable. I think Jameson's patent picture shows how it works. Basically I separated his wind up mechanism that drives the gyro and lifts the legs, into two separate processes: a motor to drive the gyro and a servo to operate the legs. If you have any questions let me know.

rimar2000 (author)2014-04-23

Very clever!

JimRD (author)rimar20002014-04-24

Thank you. Jameson's idea was very clever. But I think I probably have the fastest walking gyro robot in the world at this point.

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