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Gyroscopic Whirligigs is a project that breaks away from the usual fare and offers students a unique engineering gizmo that always impresses onlookers.

This quirky contraption isn't a true gyroscope, but it relies on the gyroscopic effect to produce some impossible-looking stunts.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

4 craft sticks
4 1/2 sticks
6 craft cubes
4 wheels
1 bamboo skewers
1 cable tie
1 12" length of string
Hot glue

jeff.smith1 year ago

This looks like a great project for my kids and it will fit nicely within the structure/mechanisms units I teach. Thanks very much for sharing this, can't wait to get started!

love tops and gyroscopes, love this toy, thanks! but i'm wondering where to buy the wheels?

misko131 year ago
This is really great! I love everything related to gyroscopes and this "toy" will make young students be curious about them :)
Znaffi2 years ago
Very cool!:D