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Gyroscopic Whirligigs is a project that breaks away from the usual fare and offers students a unique engineering gizmo that always impresses onlookers.

This quirky contraption isn't a true gyroscope, but it relies on the gyroscopic effect to produce some impossible-looking stunts.

Step 1: Materials

4 craft sticks
4 1/2 sticks
6 craft cubes
4 wheels
1 bamboo skewers
1 cable tie
1 12" length of string
Hot glue

<p>I'm having trouble finding a skewer which fits the wheels - bought some from both Kelvin and Pitsco and they won't slide onto the skewers I got - tried a smaller skewer but then they were too loose - any ideas? </p>
<p>This looks like a great project for my kids and it will fit nicely within the structure/mechanisms units I teach. Thanks very much for sharing this, can't wait to get started!</p>
<p>love tops and gyroscopes, love this toy, thanks! but i'm wondering where to buy the wheels?</p>
This is really great! I love everything related to gyroscopes and this &quot;toy&quot; will make young students be curious about them :)
Very cool!:D

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