H. G. Wells Time Machine





Introduction: H. G. Wells Time Machine

This was built for our community theaters production of the christmas carol. In the script it was said that the ghost of christmas past arived in a fog of smoke and bright light on a version of H. G. Wells time machine. I didnt have much time so its a little crude but if I ever got the chance to put it back together It would be more exact to the movies time machine but as i had to put it together overnight this is what i came up with.



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    Hello! I am the director of a small non profit that does retreats for families with children with developmental disabilities http://www.wellnessgifts.org/ and this year's theme is time travel. I usually build something cool, safari - life sized paper mache elephant, giraffe and zebra, Space camp- a rocket ship, Island Adventure- a giant volcano that we made erupt. I really want to build a time machine like this but I am not sure how to begin... does it spin?

    Wow! You sir are a genius! I have got to say that is just magnificent! I freaking LOVE it! As matter of fact, you've inspired me! I'm going to take a shot at making one myself this year! Many thanks!

    fantastic piece of kit! quite minimilistic version! what time periods have you visited so far?


    That's pretty good for overnight!

    Thanks did end up getting a little exhausted before the play from sleep and paint fumes but cleared up right before going on stage haha.

    You were in it as well??