This was built for our community theaters production of the christmas carol. In the script it was said that the ghost of christmas past arived in a fog of smoke and bright light on a version of H. G. Wells time machine. I didnt have much time so its a little crude but if I ever got the chance to put it back together It would be more exact to the movies time machine but as i had to put it together overnight this is what i came up with.
<p>Wow! You sir are a genius! I have got to say that is just magnificent! I freaking LOVE it! As matter of fact, you've inspired me! I'm going to take a shot at making one myself this year! Many thanks!</p>
fantastic piece of kit! quite minimilistic version! what time periods have you visited so far?
Overnight? <br> <br>That's pretty good for overnight!
Thanks did end up getting a little exhausted before the play from sleep and paint fumes but cleared up right before going on stage haha.
<em> You were in it as well?? </em> <br> <br>Kudos!

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