H-TAR 5,H-TAR 6 Preview




Introduction: H-TAR 5,H-TAR 6 Preview

This is one of my more recent creations. The Heavy Tactical Assault Rifle 5 is very slightly based on the sr25. It features two tactical rails on the top and bottom that allow the addition of red dot sights,scopes,bayonets,grenade launchers and anything else you can think of. Another feature of this gun is the flip up sights and five round short mag that can easily be extended. This gun has a very long pin pull which is allowing it to get 55-60 ft. H-TAR 6 is almost complete and the last 2 pics are of its progress.



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Questions & Answers


Looks alright, but i suggest you take all the white connecters on top and move them to the bottom. It will make it look cleaner. The H-TAR 6 is looking good. =D

Thanks,that is one of the reasons I started H-TAR6 is to fix the problem of it not being very clean for the top part and get rid of unneeded rail space. When the stock is finished it should be more stable the H-TAR 5's stock.

Im trying to finish my mp5k first so I can get more pieces for it.... =D

Coooool, looks great =D!