Introduction: H-bridge Module

Picture of H-bridge Module

simple h-bridge module for your projects

Step 1: Print the Pcb

Picture of Print the Pcb

open the .pcb file with expresspcb

print the pcb.. i use toner transfer method

Step 2: Schematic & Connection Diagram

Picture of Schematic & Connection Diagram

the mosfets i use are from a laptop's broken motherboard

i found the FDS8884 N-Channel.. the most fast switching mosfets are ok...

also you can take a look the datasheets for each one you find

Step 3: Solder the Mosfets

Picture of Solder the Mosfets

solder the mosfets and the 2x 10k resistors

Step 4: Test the Circuit

Picture of Test the Circuit

i test it with 24v power supply and a powerfull motor

* You must use a fuse

* Never turn on both of two inputs

Step 5: Put a Heatsink

Picture of Put a Heatsink

if the load is big put a heatsink for better results

always look the datasheets for voltage and amperage

Step 6: Ready

Picture of Ready

its ready..

you can use it with microprocessors (PIC/Atmel) arduino, rc cars or for any project..


ismail_ozkaya (author)2017-10-01

Hi Andreash. Perfect share. One Questions ? this circuit is connected to the motor how many amps maximum??

andreash79 (author)ismail_ozkaya2017-10-31

hi!! thanks!!

you must see the datasheet of the mosfet you use

Maker_Inc (author)2017-06-18

a and b in the test circuit diagram those goes in microcontroller

andreash79 (author)Maker_Inc2017-06-20

thanks!! yes..

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