Introduction: H2B-Mineshaft Themed Spawn-Level 1

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This is a fun, maybe even spooky, if you will, fancy spawn for your Minecraft world sure to make your friends go "Ooh..." & "Ahh..." Now let's get crafty!

Step 1: Step #1:

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Make a small, 3x3 trench at spawnpoint.

Step 2: Step #2:

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Place a Nether Reactor Core at the bottom, and 4 ores of your choice around its perimeter. Like so.

Step 3: Step #3:

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Fill remaining space with stone.

Step 4: Step #4:

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Add some glass above the Core.

Step 5: Step #5:

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Take some stone 5 blocks out on each end of the trench. When you finish, it shall look something like this.

Step 6: Step #6:

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Add some fence, to resemble the supports of each one of the little "shafts". Also add those large beams.

Step 7: Step #7:

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Make little "rooves", if you will, above the shafts.

Step 8: Step #8:

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Don't forget some light!

Step 9: Step #9:

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Add stairs around the main section.

Step 10: Step #10: -Finishing Up!

Picture of Step #10: -Finishing Up!

Finally, Finish it off with a cherry (Oak Slab) on top! ;D


Axden (author)2015-07-15

I did it,but it was sort of tricky. How did you find out about this dayliminecraft?

DailyMinecraft (author)Axden 2015-09-09

Well, I designed them both myself. Sorry if I had confused you. Did you like the results?

tomatoskins (author)2015-07-13

I love minecraft! Great job!

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