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Introduction: H4xx0r'D /\/\!c3

These are some computer mice that I made after seeing this instructable. The first mouse is a trackball mouse that I cut two windows in and added to red LEDs to. The second one was an optical mouse that I stripped the case off of, added momentary toggle switches to instead of the usual click buttons, and finally covered with a faux credit card fo a lower profile. Enjoy!



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    i dont see this being used for any actual gaming

    not to be picky but why the 1337 5P34K? not everyone here is 15

    I like 1337. Simple as that.

    wait your 19? good god... what do they teach kids in school nowadays, how to make a fool of yourself on the internet?

    I actually picked it up from a gamer friend of mine. Apologies if you don't like it, but I thought it fits the feel of my mice pretty well.

    once again -points to previous statement- I know a lot of gamers and none of them feel the need to make a fool of themselves by using 1337, must be something in the water...

    Why are you so harsh about it? Maddog10_20 even has better grammar than you do! I You forgot a comma after your coordinating conjunction used between two independent clauses. You have myriad comma splices in your posts, and you didn't bother to capitalize the first letters of your sentences. I'm not trying to condescend as much as I am just trying to get you to reconsider your position. I do feel strongly about proper grammar, so your argument is not lost; however, a little 1337 every once in a while I don't feel to be as bad as many of the common mistakes that everyone makes. (I am only 18.)

    Perhaps there's something in the water that's making you irritable? If the guy wants to use leet speak, let him. Don't let it annoy you :P