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Introduction: HAL 9000 Computer/robot

This is a HAL 9000 robot. It has 2 hard drives, 1 cd drive, 2 microphones, 1 internal speaker, 4 cooling, and a light up eye. HAL 9000 can respond to voice commands and can read emails out load. HAL 9000 can also switch to a desktop mode which brings up normal home computer settings. It runs on 2 operating systems, one had to be windows do to the wide verity of voice recognition systems. The other operating system is Linux which is used for desk top mode and you can also edit its command data base (which is limited right now). I built This unit larger because i wanted to be able to provide instructions that every one could make and modify. The design allows for several different types of motherboards and there is plenty of space for all sorts of add ons.

When HAL 9000 is in voice mode, all it needs is a power cord. There for it is easy to transport and there is only one cord to keep track of.
There for i did my best to make this unit as practical to build and to use as possible. Thank you for reading, if anyone has any suggestions or any questions please leave comment :)



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    I would also like to have your notes and other data for constructing my own HAL, if you still have them of course, seeing as this is several years old.

    If Anyone desires to build this unit please just leave my a comment and i will provide schematics and all the software i used as well as the program i developed for this robot.

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    I would really like the plans for this because you haven't responded to a few people and I sent you a private message. Please respond if you can with the scematics and the programs.

    How about posting those instructions here -in the instructable?

    I guess I could do that. I didn't do so right away, because I didn't know how many people would use them. But if your interested I could do so now

    Impressive work Bot4! Glad you didn't build it in class ;-)