When Trick-or-Treaters ring my bell on Halloween, rather than give them more candy, I like to give them a different type of TREAT! A hand made coloring book (Assuming that they are under the age of 10!)
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
The supplies are very simple, however, you do need access to a Xerox machine.

Drawing paper (8.5X7)
stack of legal size paper

Step 2: Drawings

Picture of Drawings
With a pencil draw your images

Step 3: Sharpie

Picture of Sharpie
Then go over the pencil lines with sharpie markers to make your image bold.

Step 4: Finished drawings

Picture of Finished drawings
All drawings are finished, I made 10

Step 5:

Picture of

Step 6:

Picture of

Step 7:

Picture of

Step 8: Cover

Picture of cover

Step 9:

Picture of

Step 10:

Picture of

Step 11:

Picture of

Step 12: End page

Picture of end page

Step 13: Mount drawings

Picture of mount drawings
When all drawings are finished mount them on standard size xerox paper. 

Step 14: Make copies

Picture of Make copies
make xerox copies on Legal size paper

Step 15: Fold and staple

Picture of Fold and staple
Fold pages in half and staple down the spine. Several blank pages at the end of the book provide space for the trick-or-treaters to create their own drawings.
That is beautiful calligraphy, what is the script called or could you do a tutorial of all the letters?
Susan Cirigliano (author)  Squaggadoodle2 years ago
OHHHH That is a hand that I pretty much made up. It is kind of a cross between Italic and Bookhand. I do a lot of calligraphy for I
invitations, envelopes and place cards etc. This hand is very fast and easy for me to do.
And Thank you for noticing!
I love this drawing....I love all your drawings!
Love it.....was I the inspiration for the toothy grin??
edvannatta2 years ago
they cool many this of friend thank you idea me
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I just love it. Thank you for sharing these here.