When Trick-or-Treaters ring my bell on Halloween, rather than give them more candy, I like to give them a different type of TREAT! A hand made coloring book (Assuming that they are under the age of 10!)

Step 1: Supplies

The supplies are very simple, however, you do need access to a Xerox machine.

Drawing paper (8.5X7)
stack of legal size paper
That is beautiful calligraphy, what is the script called or could you do a tutorial of all the letters?
OHHHH That is a hand that I pretty much made up. It is kind of a cross between Italic and Bookhand. I do a lot of calligraphy for I<br>invitations, envelopes and place cards etc. This hand is very fast and easy for me to do. <br>And Thank you for noticing!<br>
I love this drawing....I love all your drawings!
Love it.....was I the inspiration for the toothy grin??
they cool many this of friend thank you idea me
I just love it. Thank you for sharing these here.

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