Getting ready for a Halloween Celebration I thought it would be fun to design new labels for the "beverages"

Step 1: Supplies

favorite drawing and painting supplies.....included but not limited to

watercolors, pan & liquide


color pencils





Step 2: RUM

first I drew the image with pencil, outlined and enhanced with sakura marker and watercolor

5X7 watercolor paper

Step 3: Bourbon

5X7 watercolor paper

began with an orange liquid watercolor wash, lightly drawn with pencil and finished silhouette with a fine point sharpie

Step 4: Pink Champagne

5X7 watercolor paper

drawing with pencil, enhance with sakura marker and watercolor

Step 5: Vino

5X7 paper

drawing with sakura and sharpie markers

Step 6: Gin

5X7 paper

light brown watercolor wash

pencil drawing enhanced with sakura marker, color pencils and watercolors

Step 7: Vodka

5X7 paper

purple liquid watercolor wash

pencil drawing, silhouette and lettering completed with assorted sharpie markers,

Step 8: Scotch

5X7 watercolor paper

pencil drawing enhanced with sakura mikron pen and watercolors

Step 9: Printing Labels

I photographed the artwork, then color printed the labels with 4 per page the size of the image was perfect for the bottles.

Step 10: Setting Up the Bar

I cut them and glued them in place on each bottle

<p>I love these designs. Sorry I missed this so late but congrats~</p><p>sunshiine~</p>
<p>Thank You Sunshine!</p>
Brilliant labels!!! You are really talented. I especially love your bat label. ?
Thank You Tammy!

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