HALO MA5B Assault Rifle prop - DJ Radio Gun of Righteousness

Picture of HALO MA5B Assault Rifle prop - DJ Radio Gun of Righteousness
Be jealous. A replica based on the HALO MA5B with working lights and sounds.

Another project that is going to my 10 year old nephew, same kid with the TARDIS,  and of course a few shots of Caitlin doing the Patty Hearst thing testing it out. It's a jungle out there, be careful.

I don't play HALO, whatever versions there are, but just a shout out to instructables member DJ Radio who does post a few HALO ibles. If you want a HALO gun, you are just going to have to make it yourself. This is my first gun so go easy on me. Please rate and subscribe.

When my nephew asked for a HALO gun, I thought why not just give him a giant Angry Birds slingshot. But he is out of the Star Wars phase and on to HALO. Now, any non-working prop would probably work for a normal kid but I am the one making it. I originally got a Nerf machine gun to modify. Then when I was testing it out - there is no safety and you could take an eye out because the gun could be cocked and loaded without any indication. So when he is a little older, I may make a Nerf HALO minigun because I like the rotating turret mechanism. So then I checked out those ray-blaster guns with light and sound effects. I think that was a better choice to build upon. And besides, they are cheaper since I got a set of the ray-blaster pistol, small pistol and sword for about $30 US. I could use the small pistol and sword to make other props.

And any discussion on arming kids with guns, even play versions, you can refer to our elder statesman from Arkansas, proponent of 2nd Amendment Rights, the honorable ibler non grata NachoMahma.  Teach the yungins well and they will act responsibly.

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DcSkiing3 months ago
wow, that looks great!
i just cant do the front of the gun with te cardbord
can you help me out
caitlinsdad (author)  joshua.g.wood2 years ago
I guess you don't have a piece of plastic pipe. Take a broom or mop handle. Wrap it with a layer of plastic wrap or wax paper. Put glue all over on about 5 or more sheets of paper. Layer around the stick to form a tube. You can also do it with strips and wind it around gluing on the diagonal or slanted similar to a toilet paper tube. Give it a few days to dry and it will become a solid tube.
im having problems printing out the pitcher
caitlinsdad (author)  joshua.g.wood2 years ago
Assuming you downloaded from the internet some kind of drawing or image, you need to use a photo editor software like free gimp or photoshop or it may work in mspaint(image might be too big filewise for it to handle). Crop it in thirds and print out each section expanded to full page width. Some software has that option in the print command or dialogue box or you need to do it through the printer settings.
im yusung my school laptop and a lot of sites are blocked and in having truble i got the halo reach assalt rifle will it still work with that
can you yous cardbord or wood and if you have to yous wood dose the wood have to be the same with of teh gu n and im yousing an old nerf mavrik gun
caitlinsdad (author)  joshua.g.wood2 years ago
It is all about getting skill in model making. You can model anything or any version of the weapon. Just try to fit in the nerf gun in the layout and figure out how you would glue on pieces to cradle it. You should start out with cutting cardboard from corrugated shipping boxes. You can then layer up and glue all the pieces together. Only use wood if you have the tools to cut and shape it. You can always use some papier mache to cover up the rough cardboard edges. If you have a chunk of styrofoam from packaging, you can use that too but it gets messy with the mini bits statically clinging all over the place. Keep it simple and once painted, it will look real good. Good luck.
in yousing card bord to make it and i have modified the halo reach assolt rifle to look like your one
wasn't the AR grey?
caitlinsdad (author)  the dashing hero3 years ago
I saw the green one in a Halo Magazine and saw some previously built models that were greenish that I used as a visual reference to build on. Most seem to be the silverish metal gray though.
Would it work to make this out of plasticard?
caitlinsdad (author)  ralphkidsguns3 years ago
Not sure what plasticard is, maybe that is coroplast or sheet styrene? If you do use that, then you need to work with nasty plasic glues and then would probably have to use polyurethane foam to fill in the voids. Bulking up on wood and card and paper with ordinary glue is best. Easier and less toxic to shape. Fiberglass and molding products such as bondo or auto-body filler are expensive.
basically, plasticard is plastic board. a bit like a block of wood, you get blocks of plasticard. and you can cut it down and do whatever with it.
caitlinsdad (author)  ralphkidsguns3 years ago
I guess if I were to use that, I would have done the whole injection molding or vacuum forming to mass produce the model of the gun.
Pointy things are sharp.
ElvenChild3 years ago
No Caitlin I didn't say anything about your dad being a crazed inventor, nothing at all... Well actually I did as a compliment. Don't shoot!
ElvenChild3 years ago
Meh, I prefer blasting Pfor in Marathon, but good idea anyway.
Kryptonite3 years ago
I am impress!

That's a very neat battle rifle: so much obvious attention to detail it's outstanding! I've played a little too much Halo in my time but it gives one some serious respect for whoever can pull off a good looking prop.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Nerf version, there's a Nerf Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War out there somewhere, but a Halo one would be even better.
That's an AR, not a battle rifle. Looks like someone hasn't played enough halo in his time. :-P
Woops, evident typo is evident.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
Resident Evil is evil.
Eeek! *hides*

It's also scary.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
Thanks, my nephew thought it was more fun to have the rifle than the Master Chief helmet, everybody has one.
I'd make a full suit if I wasn't still growing at a rate of knots.
caitlinsdad (author)  Kryptonite3 years ago
But you gain experience from building several sets of armor.
I'll throw them at passing strangers.
DJ Radio3 years ago
Freakin' sweet build. It may not be exact but it does look a LOT like the original. Thanks for the shoutout!

PS- You don't have to put Halo in ALL CAPS every time you say it.
caitlinsdad (author)  DJ Radio3 years ago
At least you got it right. I'm kinda OCD about this sort of thing, it feels like you're shouting it like in a cheesy advertisement.

I still like the ible though.
Oh wait, did I say like? I meant LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Great job.
antoman113 years ago
Dat trigger finger
Sorry, i'm from /k/

Anyway, great instructible
caitlinsdad (author)  antoman113 years ago
CazzPhoenix3 years ago
Great job! I may have to steal that True Heroes gun from my son... he just got it for his birthday lol.

FYI to anyone looking to do this, the Toys R Us I bought this from had a buy 1 get one half off True Heroes sale this past Labor Day weekend. Could be an ongoing thing, could be that they're clearing out.

This was part of a set and I see potential for a plasma pistol and energy sword as well :-)
ilpug3 years ago
Pretty awesome. Quite accurate for a scratch-build without relying on a template or a Pepakura base. Keep up the good work.
caitlinsdad (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Thanks, I do have a laser-calibrated eye for these things.
sunshiine3 years ago
Isn't the picture Caitlin? She has grown if it is her! Thanks for sharing!
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