I made this pair of earrings with a scrap sheet of copper.

They take about an hour to make, but they are pretty easy.



-copper sheet;

-earrings hoops;

-beads (optional).


-iron shears;

-files, fine grain and rough grain;

-propane torch;
-hammer (with one edge sharp);

-one sharp nail;


-paper and pencil;

-hard flat surface.

<p>Top notch Instructable and the first I've made for myself. Not as good as yours but I guess practice makes perfect ;) Thanks!</p>
<p>They look really cool, I like the shape! Thanks for posting the photos, I'm happy somebody made them!</p>
<p>I work also with copper a fair amount. I found that Permalac EF is a great acrylic sealer for maintaining patina or shine, if desired.</p>
<p>Thanks for the tip!</p>
<p>yes with the dangling bead they look like &quot;lady parts&quot;. but that's not nessisarily immature or even mean to say! it's art! And be it a leaf or lady parts or whatever you wana call it it's artistic and beautiful. (tho I'm Gunna go with lady parts lol)</p>
<p>I think these are beautiful. Thank you for the great instructions, and for sharing! Men are weird!</p>
<p>You are welcome!</p>
as a handcrafter of jewelry I must say BRAVO. and they look like leaves. dont see anything other than the way you've always seen them. WHT WOULD YOU PEOPLE WHO DID, SAY ANYTHING AT ALL? WHERE HAVE ALL THE NORMAL MEN GONE. gteat job. your a true craftsperson.
<p>Thanks a lot for the nice comment and support!</p>
sorry for all the errors...one should not type on phone keyboard without one's glasses. laughing at oneself.. er.. ah.. myself. lol
<p>I think this is a great design, thank you for sharing. I think you also mean annealing not enamelling in step 7 as enabling involves fusing crushed glass to a metal surface.</p>
<p>yes that's what I mean! I'm going to change it, thanks.</p>
<p>I guess only men see it as something else :-).</p><p>Lovely work!</p>
<p>That's what I tough! Thanks!</p>
<p>I know I have an active imagination, but those look a lot less like leaves, and lot more like something else!</p><p>I'm a fan of the process, however I thought it odd that no one else has mentioned what appears rather obvious to me.</p>
<p>Actually if you read few comment under Ibannerman did already</p>
<p>Nice work! What about the oxidation issue? Is there a way to coat them?</p>
you could use an acrylic clear coat spray or clear nail polish to keep them from oxidizing. The clear coat spray would be easiest just do it before you add the beads and ear wires so they don't get stuck.
<p>Thanks for the tip.</p>
<p>Thanks! I have some pair for quite a wile now and they didn't really oxidize, when they will I may just give a fast polish again&hellip;Or a clear coat spray like Beader1986 suggested work pretty well too (also to preserve a patina , in the case you used one).</p>
Great work excellent craftsmanship but I think I'm a bit weird as they remind me of ladies parts lol .
<p>I knew these were yours when I saw the main picture :D awesome work!</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>This is so beautiful :), great craftsmanship :). And I just loved your main picture. Thank you so much for sharing. </p>
<p>Thanks a lot :)</p>
Very pretty!

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