Tired of how your ipod mini look or you just wanna give it some life? well with a few bucks and a little bit of time you can do it!
you just need:
a x-acto knife
sand paper #320(metal purpose)
one can of black spray and one of clear spray.
your favorite images or whatever you would like to write on your ipod!


The first thing you need to do, is disassembly your ipod, take off the click wheel and the plastic screen. There is many web sites that will show you how to do it!
then start sanding your ipod. If you like you could just polish your ipod with brasso and it will look good too but i wanted to go a little bit further!


First cut your favorite images edges, then put them on your ipod and see if they fit. then give your ipod the first coat of black spray, make sure that before you spray your ipod, your images are in place and they wont move. To do this you could draw them on blue painters tape and then cut them to put them on your ipod!
after giving the first coat of black paint you gotta wait for it to dry and then give it a second coat, after it dries take out the tape and don't forget to be really careful so you won't scratch the paint!
give it two coats of clear spray, let it dry and you will be almost done, with this project.


Put your ipod back together, don't forget to sand around the housing shell where the click wheel and the plastic screen goes, if not this parts wont fit.
In my case i upgrade my ipod mini to 16GB with a compact flash card, there is also many instructables that will show you how to add gb to your ipod.
enjoy your hand painted ipod mini!

I am not responsible for any damage to your ipod while attempting to do this project!
haha just found this thread and i did paint my mini after all. i did a desert camo thats just starting to peel off on the back its a tan for the base and a brown water drop on top
all i have to say
Normally my job, but i love new recruits :D
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Haha, oh and my names jake too =P<br/>
I'm also a new recruit!
Haha i'm loving it. Hope to see it around here soon :)
I already use it here on I'bles
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i took my mini apart but how do you get the scroll wheel and screen off?
The screen is hold with glue, you just need a hair dryer, put it in low heat for acouple of minutes and then push it down and it will come off! for the click wheel you could check ifixipodfast.com and you will find tutorials to do it! good luck with your project and i hope you can show it to me when it's done!
holy crud! i have the same bed sheets as you!
Awesome.<br/><br/>You <em>so</em> should've done the Instructables Robot..<br/><br/>
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