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A great way for you to have hands free calling for your cell phone whether it be in your Model T. The place where you work to make the money to have that cell phone or just hang'n in your domicile.

Step 1: Those So Essential Items Needed O.K. Maybe Not All of Them

1. a cell phone (duh!)
2. cd > cassette adapter
3. microphone (the one picture below was given to me)
4. 3/32" plug (connects to the headset input on the cell) probably got one with the cell phone
5. female 1/8" connector (just scab one from one of those walkmans you never use)
6. 1/8" male to rca
7. 1/8" male to 1/8" male cord any length
8. soldering iron, solder, really small zip ties (you chose the color) and a glue stick

Step 2: Review

Relax take some time to study the photo's

Step 3: The Connectionat at the Cell Phone

1. The tip of the connector will be used to out put the audio.
2. The middle of the connector will be used for input (microphone)
3. The back part of the connector is used for ground for audio and microphone

Step 4: Making the Connection

red wire to audio out
white wire to microphone
ground wire from microphone and from the input connected together
when all connections are soldered test it out
if all is working dab some hot glue to protect your work

Step 5: Explore the Options

It works great in my car. I even hooked up to audio input on my t.v. and to the input line on my computer. Grab a small program like AUDACITY to run on your rig and you have the ability to record your conversations. Just a extra note about the hands free option in the car, most states are now or soon to make it illegal for a driver to be using there cell phone in hand while driving.

Scott Johnson



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    Looks nice but a little complicated. If you want a real hands free cell phone, go to carcellphonemount.com.  They have a new idea on cell phone mounts for your car and will announce new models for the "third hand" model for desk and office use.  It's pretty cool, no stupid suctions cups that always fall off.  check it out.

    Whoa! Somoene else in this universe that has my same phone!

    Cool! I made the same exact thing for my nokia, except both of them un plugged.

    2 replies

    Thanks you for the post. One question for you, What do you mean by them being unplugged?

    The microphone disconnects

    The greatest honor is when a person emulates what you yourself has done. Righteous!!!!!

    Cool! I like it, it's a great Instructable (as joejoerowley said), awesome job!

    1 reply

    Awesome job you say. I say thank you for your applause.

    Right on, your the first. Thanks for the koodos!!!!!!