In this instructable, I'm gonna tell you how to make this scarf with your hands as only tool.
It can be a little tricky when you've just started, but after a few minutes you'll notice how easy it actually is.

Step 1: How to Start

Make a slip stitch and put it arond your little finger. 
Then, weave the thread as shown in the pictures.
<p>wow you are perfect</p>
i just made one it took me about 30 min but i did a different style.so cool thanks for sharing
Love this!!! Here's my scarf. ( I hope the picture comes out)
Hajj finger knitting. Gotta love it! I made a... Line, I guess, that was 120 ft long but it took me like a week lolol
Very nice. I will have to show this to my wfie....she has more time for things like this than I do :-)
Cool! And you're a finalist. That's also cool. Double cool! <br> <br>Y.
Cool! Looks like fun to make and wear :)
thank you! <br>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
i used to finger knit all the time!!! glad to see it on here <br>
Me too! I did this every year at camp.
I might have to try this. I can't crochet or knit to save my life but I can finger crochet. BTW, the finished product is super cute!
You should defenitely give it a shot! It's really fun to make
i used to finger knit all the time!!! glad to see it on here <br>
Great finger knitting project! Love the look of the finished scarf.

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