Well, here is version II of my original HANG .10 surfboard coffee table.  This time around I used pennies, with copper/chrome maple leafs on a white background.

Which one do you like better?

Step 1:

1st thing to do is make a jig...
*Take your paper template and trace its shape onto the wood that you will use for your jig. I used 1/2" MDF but you can use 1/4"  
  MDF, Masonite or plywood.           
*Use your jigsaw now to cut out that shape from the MDF. Once cut out, I took a belt sander and cleaned up and smoothed all the edges around the jig. This will be your main jig now. This jig is what the router bit follows to cut out your perfect ellipse.
*Select your wood to make your table from. I chose pre-finished birch.
*Put the wood template onto the wood you've selected and clamp it down.
*Route around the jig with the router bit riding against the jig. I used a 1" pattern bit with a ball bearing. This is what rides against the edges that I smoothed out earlier on the jig.
*Once the main shape was routed out, I switched to a 22.5 router bit and routed around the edges once again. This gives me the 22.5  bevel on the edges just like the Eames table has. (actually its a 20 bevel - but who can tell;~)

*Now the table top is ready for your design.
*I masked off the edges and painted the top white. I left the edges exposed to show the different plywood layers similar to the  
 Herman Miller/Eames surfboard table.
*Lay out the location of the stripes with painters tape.
*Now start adding your pennies!
*I used white glue and Q-Tips. Type of glue doesn't really matter because the whole table will be getting covered with epoxy resin   later.        
 *When you are done, remove the painters tape and now you can lay out your copper/chrome maple leaf decals or whichever   
 design you prefer.
It's totally amazing. I cannot say which version I prefer; it really depends on your interior.<br> <br> Question: does the epoxy coat retain its gloss with the time, or do you have to be especially careful against scratches?
Thanks for the kind words :~) <br> <br>Gloss will last a long time with epoxy BUT has the potential to degrade over a long period when exposed to UV rays. It can also yellow slightly too. The amount depends on the light exposure. (obviously more outside than inside). It can be protected though, by the 2 products listed below. <br> <br>As with any coating, you do have to be careful against scratches - more so with the black though. White can hide a lot.... <br>I am looking into Epifanes or 2K spray coatings to spray over the epoxy. This will be a harder and more durable coating which you can wet sand over and over again to get the fine scratches out. <br>Keep an eye out for my Penny Table coming shortly - I know you will love that one! <br>
Wow, the effect that the leaves and pennies create under the epoxy is amazing! Wonderful job!
Thank you so much :~) The decals conformed to the orange peel finish (little peaks/valleys) from the paint. This resulted in a shimmering and shadow type effect depending how light hits it. Unexpected but much welcomed after seeing this...

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