Hanging things reduces the need for cabinets and shelves. It helps keep the floor uncluttered and easier to clean. Nothing falls and breaks -- it just swings a bit when you bump into it.

In high-ceiling rooms, such as mine, there is normally a lot of wasted space overhead. Hanging things can help utilize that space. Hanging things also keeps them visible.

I set iron rings in my ceilings and walls and use them to hang things directly. The rings can also be used to hang pipe or chain from which to hang things.

"S" hooks and rope loops are two ways to hang things from attachment points.

Step 1: Rings, Chain and Pipe

My house is basically dome shaped. Domes have high ceilings. Thinking ahead, I set iron rings in the cement from which to hang things later. One can hang things directly from those rings, especially heavy things.

To give me more attachment points for hanging lighter things, I welded up some big-link chain and hung it from ring to ring. Each link provides an attachment point for hooks.

Horizontal pipes can also be suspended in the air from the rings and used to hang things.
I love it! I live in Nicaragua and just had to move to a new house where I can't drill anything into the walls, however the roof beams are exposed so I've been hanging just about everything from the ceilings. Next step is the kitchen...
This is pretty well thought out. I really admire your house, it's definitely the closest thing to what I would like to one day make for myself.
Thanks. Check out www.angelfire.com/in2/manythings for more info.

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