H.A.W.C 1.0 Review




Introduction: H.A.W.C 1.0 Review

About: If you were here 2 or 3 years ago, you might remember me. I was that little kid who stood up for himself, and basically said f*ck the police, and ended up getting shot down. Well I'm 13 now, so all of that b...

Here it is. a review of the H.A.W.C by Viccie B. 1993. Enjoy!



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    wtf A.K.A your a puss lick

    He means it is illegal for a website to possess the email address of someone under 13 year of age, dumbf**k. Sorry for the swear, but little kids who think they know better than others really bug me. And you proved you are a 'little kid' with that immature last comment.

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    Look, do you have anything against kids under thirteen? What have they ever done to you? Instructables Is a great website, with great things on it!
    Are you saying that if you are under 13 you should not be using Knex?!
    I am deeply offended!
    *spits in face*

    Instructables is a company. Not a building toy, not even a site about building toys. It is illegal in the United States, according to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), for a company to knowingly collect the email address of a child under 13 years old. I'm not sure about any similar laws in other countries, but that's irrelevant since 'ibles is California based, meaning that they have to abide by this law regardless of where their users are located.

    The last part of your message demostrates the core of my problem. Generally speaking, everyone under the age of 13 is immature and unable to deal with discussions of this nature without resorting to conflict. I appreciate this is not the case in every single instance, but you have demonstrated that it is here.

    you bug me.... you think you now more then others.... just leave him alone he is doing what wants to do, not what other people are telling him to do. who cares if he is young, it's better then been 18 and living in your parents basement, like other people.


    I simply stated that it is illegal for a website to possess the email address of someone under 13 years of age, which is true.

    Also, you can criticize me when you fix up your grammar and spelling, and somehow acquire an IQ of over 165.

    p.s you dont really bug me i was just sticking up for the kid.

    He probably entered a fake email. So then they don't have his email. Also, why do you guys care so much? This is not KI. And not to mention he has more maturity and better grammar than the average 10 year old on the internet.

    True, but don't they send you an activation code by email, so he couldn't have entered a fake?

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this site doesn't send out activation codes, I know because I have a fake email right now for this account.

    Ok, but all this is besides the point. The rules are there for a reason.

    A lot of little kids are interested with knex. It was built for them, but ibles wasnt, There are many short ppl on this site but I can just tell from your vioce and the way u talk.

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    Really? I found out from the bit on his orange board that said 'I am not 13, I am 10.'

    So? I am 10, and I have made plenty good things, including HC v1,
    Sipriani rifle v3, TR-18, etc.

    I wasn't commenting on the merits of his creations or what he has built. I was commenting on the bit where he is below the legal age for a company ('ibles) to collect his email. Besides, what does making other people's creations have to do with age?

    I found out just by looking at him.

    That's what gave me the hint that he wasn't thirteen. Then the sheer stupidity of his specifically saying that he was under the minimum age to be a member of this site confirmed it.