These losers... they're nothin' but a bunch of Squadron Supreme wannabes!" Hawkeye is the best there is!"
I want to share this last minute Halloween costume that came ot in just few hours and stuff I already had in my home I build this simple concept of hawkeye.

Step 1: Stuff.

What if you couldn't find a bow and arrow you would have to use a nerf rebelle and the only paint left was pink for your sisters unicorn costume 0____0
thank you soooooooooooo much for this!!! my kid wants to be hawkeye for halloween and the mask is IMPOSSIBLE to find in his size!!! i showed him these instructions along with your photos and he's THAT much more excited to be hawk eye! u r a LIFE SAVER!!!
Sooo glad !!! Pls let me know how results everything and why not share some pics. Good Luck you´ll have Fun.
Congrats on the win!
Thnx Bro!! It was a rush.
I just love that you made different arrows for him!!!
Wow, this is really awesome! I'm glad to see you in the finalists. The different arrow tips are a really nice touch.
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
I feel already a winner, there are a lot of awesome entries.Must be a though duty to choose the betters. Anyway I have to say that has been a lot of fun .Anything to make my children happier. Thnx for the comment.and for stay in touch.
I agree! I would not want to be the final judges, so so so hard to narrow down because everything really is so individual. I think your instructable is great, so I'm hoping you place!
Someone (zogsvengali) said:"That is so Awesome! Father of the Year!" That comment make me feel already a kick Ass winner.
Gran trabajo! Me encantaron las flechas! :-)
este trbajo es muy original y facil de hacer........ buen trabajo <br>
For a last-minute costume, that's a great job! <br> <br>I hope you're going to enter it in at least one Hallowe'en contest!
ohhh yes I already did...Please vote... <br>
It actually looks like it came right out of the toy store, but better!
And waaaay cheaper...!!Thx for da comment.
What a good work, Mr.Sanchez!
Gracias rimar Viniendo de ti es todo un cumplido!!

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