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Introduction: HAWKEYE.

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These losers... they're nothin' but a bunch of Squadron Supreme wannabes!" Hawkeye is the best there is!"
I want to share this last minute Halloween costume that came ot in just few hours and stuff I already had in my home I build this simple concept of hawkeye.

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Halloween Easy Costumes Contest

Step 1: Stuff.

Step 2: Mask.

Draw a simple sketch of the half of the mask in a bended sheet of paper.cut it out the pattern, Draw it in tha foamy and cut the mask.For the head just draw in blue foamy the shape of two H's. Glue together.

Step 3: Customized Arrows.

I improvised with some Balsa dowels 5 Customized arrows.
I also made an arrow bag with a tube of Black Foamy.

Step 4: Outfit.

I didn't made any sketches neither patterns I was just improvising on the run.
The concept that I managed its the building based in stripes of foamy joined together with Hot glue Gun.
The made is entirely made of foamy.I started with a short vest with some short stripes simulating like feathers. The added two long stripes.



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    What if you couldn't find a bow and arrow you would have to use a nerf rebelle and the only paint left was pink for your sisters unicorn costume 0____0

    thank you soooooooooooo much for this!!! my kid wants to be hawkeye for halloween and the mask is IMPOSSIBLE to find in his size!!! i showed him these instructions along with your photos and he's THAT much more excited to be hawk eye! u r a LIFE SAVER!!!

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    Sooo glad !!! Pls let me know how results everything and why not share some pics. Good Luck you´ll have Fun.

    Thnx Bro!! It was a rush.

    I just love that you made different arrows for him!!!

    Wow, this is really awesome! I'm glad to see you in the finalists. The different arrow tips are a really nice touch.

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!

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    I feel already a winner, there are a lot of awesome entries.Must be a though duty to choose the betters. Anyway I have to say that has been a lot of fun .Anything to make my children happier. Thnx for the comment.and for stay in touch.

    I agree! I would not want to be the final judges, so so so hard to narrow down because everything really is so individual. I think your instructable is great, so I'm hoping you place!

    Someone (zogsvengali) said:"That is so Awesome! Father of the Year!" That comment make me feel already a kick Ass winner.

    Gran trabajo! Me encantaron las flechas! :-)

    este trbajo es muy original y facil de hacer........ buen trabajo

    For a last-minute costume, that's a great job!

    I hope you're going to enter it in at least one Hallowe'en contest!

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    ohhh yes I already did...Please vote...

    It actually looks like it came right out of the toy store, but better!

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    And waaaay cheaper...!!Thx for da comment.

    Gracias rimar Viniendo de ti es todo un cumplido!!