Picture of HDD Laser Show+My Video
A laser show for parties or for just home entertainement easy to do and very small.This is a ~must do~.
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Step 1: Lets see

This isn`t my video because i have a cheap laser and you can`t film with a camera so i put something similar. Just Go HERE to se the movie

Step 3: First things first

Picture of First things first
Take out the screws and cut the case

Step 4: Mount the motor

Put motor on the motor ( isn`t ironic?). Fin a way to put on there. For me it was easy i used the old HDD motor and a ring from the discs that was there.

Step 6: The wires

You need to put some wires to be easy on future. You need to put on a angle the mirror from the motor DON`T PUT at 90 degree.

Step 8: It`s working

This isn`t my video because i have a cheap laser and you can`t film with a camera so i put something similar. Here the movie
jamjah5 years ago
thats me!!!!! well not me talking but me and my friend made that and please DONT TAKE CREDIT FOR THIS
ctin (author)  jamjah5 years ago
I`m sorry i don`t now your project. I saw some other projects but its something SIMILAR if you wanted and i don`t take credit for nothing. I make this from my ideea if look`s like is not my fault. Think about it: if someone make a think and a person make the same thing from a same ideea without looking at the first person i don`t think is something terible.

The instructable wasn't very... instructive, I had to imply what you did for most of it. Needless to say, I figured it out and have full intentions of building one myself using stuff out of my parts bin, but I am making it more adjustable. (pots on the laser/adjuster motor)
ctin (author)  TheWelfareWarrior6 years ago
I am sorry for my language and for the instructable. I like to do instructables but i`m not an expert on telling thinks...I am very sorry....
uguy6 years ago
What is the purpose of the Harddrive?
ctin (author)  uguy6 years ago
The HDD has in it some diks (where is stored data) and a reader. This reader is an electro-magnetic actioned and if you put music it will move after the base ( more V.) and another use is the case. The case is solid and protect de mirrors and is havy and stedy etc. And thanks for rating