This is my first instructable, basically just the photos. I used some parts from the broken hard drives, and a ready dimmer circuit board. The biggest problem I met was drilling in stainless steel magnetic covers, but buying propper cobalt drill solved the problem. Pictures were taken by a phone camera, so please forgive me for the quality. It looks better than at the pictures, especially when dimmed.

Any questions ? - feel free to ask :)

<p>my version :)</p>
<p>Nice one :)</p>
Elegancka lampeczka. Układ ściemniacza kupny?
Tak, ściemniacz od jabel electronics, wrzucę niedługo schemat. <br> <br>Yes, the dimmer module is bought from jabel electronics, I'll upload the wiring diagram soon.
8 dead harddrives to make one lamp... but probably needed for the number of platters anyhow? <br> <br> <br>Great design.
dead give away was the 8 c shaped (vibration dampening?) pieces from the sheet metal cover. <br>then 4 head assemblies modified for legs, and another 4 fitted as feet. <br> <br>
Does a specific manufacturer have that C shape inside? Because i have opened a few and i didnt find any.
Yes, an old seagate SCSI disc had two of those per HDD. They've been glued to the outer cover, I suppose for magnetic isolation. If you cannot see the C-shaped element outside, there rather won't be any inside.
Yep 8 harddrives. mostly because of number of headers. Some HDD had 2 platters inside.
Very cool! The lighting is very soft and warm, but the look is very Techhy / cold / artistic - I want to make one now!
Cool work!!
witamy na instructebles ;)
Witaj Kondzio :)
Favorited. Thnks for share.
it look real nice! <br> <br>I cannot figure out what you use for the paw... <br> <br>Etienne
the &quot;paws&quot; are the harddrive head assemblies with the heads removed. <br>you know, the parts that swing back and forth making the wheeewheewheep sound? <br>presumably the heads themselves were removed to improve structural stability(they're rather flimsy compared to the armature itself.)
I just prove that I never open a hard drive before...<br><br>thank's for your help<br><br>Etienne

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