Introduction: HDMI Input for Android

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Use your smartphone on android as a dslr camera monitor with audio output using video capture device EasyCap dc60 and hdmi converter.

Step 1: Watch Video

Step 2: Prepare All Necessary Components

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1. EasyCap dc60

2. HDMI to RCA Converter

3. Power Bank

4. USB OTG Adapter

5. HDMI A to HDMI D (also called micro HDMI) cable

6. 3 RCA male to 3 RCA male cable

7. USB A to USB mini B cable

Step 3: Install App

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Link for the App: EasyCap Recorder

Step 4: Connect All Together

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Step 5: Put All of This Into Camera Flash Holster

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This is not necessary, but save space and looks much pleasant to eyes.

Step 6: Connect Camera and Phone

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You should change some setting in your camera. This depends on which camera you will use.

Step 7: Connect Headphones for Monittoring

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Not tested, but it is possible that even Bluetooth headphones will work.

Step 8: Use Headphones Without Phone

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Yes, You can monitor just sound without video.


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