I think every mother has said, "I wish I had some extra helping hands," at some point in their constant battle to keep things neat & clean. Now you can grant that wish with this "handy" gift that is both functional & sentimental! 


To make this perfect Mothers Day gift you will need:

A loving child willing to participate (with a little patients)
Plaster of Paris (about 2 cups per set of prints you want to make)
Modeling clay
2 disposable containers (one to mix plaster in & one to make your prints in)
Easy melt soap 
OPTIONAL: soap dye or scents
You can also use a glove to make the hand shape! :)
I just wanted to add a little more sentimental value to it by using my children's hands, but I'm sure a glove would work splendidly for just a basic hand shape. :) <br>
Hey congrats on your win in Scoochmaroo Challenge for Mother's Day!!
Thank you!
This is a GREAT idea. Thanks
This is perfect for new parents and grandparents! Love this. 5 stars!
Yes, we gave ours to grandparents &amp; they loved them! Also if you have an old plaster hand print from your childhood you can use it as well! <br>
this is a great mothers day present
OH this is adorable!!! Well done!
Oh, how cute! Great idea. :D

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