please be nice this is my first ball machine

all the thanks goes to knex_pls and trainman

tell me what you think
Knex4Life233 years ago
My first ball machine SUCKED, but yours is freaken fantastic.
I my Gosh this is BEAST!!!
Do you think I shpuld post another instructable?
Quick Question, why are all your instructables slideshows?
Sorunome4 years ago
looks like a big machine with a few pieces i like them the most but small ones with very much are fun if they are small and simple enough to carry so u can bring it to others
cupcake435 years ago
i do not think think he has tubing
Pizzapie5005 years ago
Can sum1 tell me if there's a knex tubing alternative?
knexfreak95 (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
well theres obviously no tubing on here
Lolz yeah there is
Wait are u being sarcastic? cuz i think thats tubing
There really is no tubing on that ball machine.
Oh oops sry
But is there an alternative?
rybubbles5 years ago
its obviesly just flexi rods
rybubbles6 years ago
its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5*********
rybubbles6 years ago
you should put an instructable on for this
Oh My God this is.....this is just badass! lmfao
rexdino56 years ago
Hey you really need to have bigger towers if you can or have one big tower and build off of that and that might really help you incase if you build another one it may collapse but this is a good ball machine i'll give you a 5/5
TigerNod6 years ago
Wow dude, its great! But perhaps you need to add some more supports... Just in case of.
knexfreak95 (author)  TigerNod6 years ago
its gone now check out my other machine i am working on
Btw, did you knew there is a special Knex catagory? Because this one is posted under "kids" (which is the reason I never saw this before).
That's pretty good for a first attempt. My main suggestion is you should add cross-braces to the support towers so they'll be sturdier. I notice one of the towers is leaning a little, which is why I suggested that. Still pretty good, though.
knexfreak95 (author)  The KNex Weasel6 years ago
check out the one i am working on now and thanks:)
The Jamalam6 years ago
looks really flimsy on the supports, on the first picture one of the towers is bending. Good machine though, you have a lot of parts :P
knexfreak95 (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago
yeah i know but that was taken when it was like half done
JAKE8566 years ago
this is the most awsomes thing in the whole intire world. And by the way you are a nerd.
knexfreak95 (author)  JAKE8566 years ago
wooooooooooooooow well do you know who i am
Vynash6 years ago
man I thought I would be the first to comment... oh well. It looks really nice the paths are awesome only you lack supports and the supports you put in are weak, and bending. 4/5 stars
knexfreak95 (author)  Vynash6 years ago
i did that on perpus so the ball had some rum to look better
Ok I see But that was my brother, He accidentally posted on my account.
who is your brother? lol
I thought you knew!!!! Oh well, He's The_Burrito_Master
It looks kind of unstable, but I can't wait for it to be finished!
pls6 years ago
Awesome ball tower man, you got some skill for these, make more !
knexfreak95 (author)  pls6 years ago
i will later
pls knexfreak956 years ago
Awesome, 5* :D
smilee6 years ago
knexfreak95 (author)  smilee6 years ago
thanks and please rate