In the last book of the Harry Potter series, Hermione Granger had a purple beaded handbag upon which she placed a handy spell called an Undetectable Extension Charm.  The result was a little purse that contained all the necessary items for Harry, Hermione and Ron's Horcrux finding adventure.

This project has eight pages:
  1.  Ron's radio
  2.  Harry's moleskin pouch and the items found inside
  3.  The Sword of Godric Gryffindor
  4.  The Horcrux locket
  5.  Potions
  6.  The three items bequeathed to Ron, Harry and Hermione by Dumbledore in his Will.
  7.  Hermione's Books
  8.  Perkins's Tent

Each page is interactive.  First you can color your pages, assemble them. You can move things around or open items up.  And when you are done, tie the handbag up and save it for later.


First you are going to need a computer, printer and card stock paper.

  Stick on gems
  Double stick tape
  Stapler and staples
  String and large needle
  scrapbooking brads
  markers, crayons, color pencils, or water colors ***   I really like Sharpies.
  wafer thin velcro


The original purse is purple, of course, but here is my version in green.

Add the stick on gems for the beads and some ribbon to the top to close the book.


In order to gain entrance to the Ministry of Magic, Polyjuice potion was used.  And Dittany was used to help Ron when he accidentally splinched himself when he apparated unsuccessfully. 

Each potion bottle has the thin velcro on the back so they can be moved and removed.


I did take a creative approach with this page by including Fawlks.  I guess it's because I already included Snape's Patronus on another page.  Also, there is a removable feather, which is for the twin phoenix feathers in Harry and Voldemort's wands.

Cut a slit in the scabbard for the sword to fit inside.

Also, when you are taping this page to the one behind it, make sure to leave enough space in the tape for the sword to slip in and out.


Perkins gave this tent to the Weasley Family for their use at the Quidditch World Cup in 1994.  It would appear that Perkins's Tent had an undetectable extension charm as well, since it was much larger on the inside than the outside.  There was even a full kitchen.

Severus Snapes's Doe Patronus and the small owl can be attached with the velcro.  The Patronus is not pictured, but I liked the idea so I added it to the PDF.  It is located on one of the group pages.

Use a small brad at the top of the tent so that the cover can sing back and forth.


Again, another page with some creative license.  The real Horcrux is found being worn by Dolores Umbridge at the Ministry of Magic.

Use a brad to attach the front and the back of the Horcrux.  Attach some string so the locket can be worn.


Harry, Ron and Hermione find out from Rufus Scrimgeour that Albus Dumbledore left them each an object in his will.  Hermione is given the book, Tales of Beedle the Bard.  Ron is give the Deluminator and Harry is given the Golden Snitch from his first game of Quidditch.  Inside the Snitch is the Resurrection Stone.

The assembly of Hermione's Book is included with the Books page.

The Snitch is assembled with two brads attaching the wings of the Snitch.  The front and back are taped or glued together with an opening in the top left for the Resurrection Stone to slip in and out.  Tie a piece of string on the Resurrection Stone so you can easily get it in and out.

Thin velcro is placed on the back side of the three pieces to they can be removed from the page and played with.


While on the Horcrux Hunt, Ron would try to tune in his radio to the Potterwatch program in an attempt to gain information from the Wizarding World.

The antenna are attached with a brad so that you can try to tune into Potterwatch.


My favorite page.  It is so perfect that Hermione would fill her bag with dusty old books.

I put together a picture step by step on how to assemble the books.  I'm a visual person and find it easier to follow directions with pictures.


Hagrid gave Harry Potter a Mole Skin Pouch for a birthday present.  Similar to Hermione's handbag, the Mole Skin Pouch is enchanted.  Only the owner can get the items out that are stored within.

   Marauder's Map
   Shard of Sirius Black's two-way mirror
   The Snitch from Dumbledore containing the Resurrection Stone
   A letter from Harry's Mother to Sirius Black with part of a photo
   Harry's broken wand
   Invisibility Cloak
   The Fake Horcrux with R.A.B.'s letter

A small brad is used to connect the pouch cover to the book page allowing the pouch cover to rotate. 
A brad is also used to connect the front and inside of the Fake Horcrux.

The most difficult part of this page is the Marauder's Map assembly.  It was very important that the front line up perfectly, so I drew it so that it could be cut down the center.  Again, follow the pictures on how to do the assembly.


Use the double-stick tape to attach two pages together.  Do this for SIX of the pages.  TWO pages are taped to the front and back cover.  Line up the bottom tabs and trim so the pages are the same size.

The only page that requires and special taping is the sword page.  Otherwise, just make sure to tape the edges good.

Once all the pages are taped together, staple the bottom of the book at the tabs to hold it all together.
Fun to do. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>You can find ancient runes in ancient ruins, so... Anyway, I love this, my daughter got a book of this kind for her birthday, but not Harry Potter themed, and I had not even considered this as something one could make. You did a great job with it. My girls are too young to read yet, but once they do, and I get them to read Harry Potter, this will have to be made... Thanks for sharing!</p>
<p>Thank you =) You made my day!!!!</p>
Cool! I hate to sound like a grammar nazi, but it's ancient runes not ruins. Amazing job though!
I just realized that I spelled it wrong, which it took me some time because I KNOW HOW it was spelled in the book. I'm going to have to fix the PDF. I edit and proofread all day long, every day, so this is such a stupid mistake for me!!!!!!
Thank you so much for your comment. I know it is weird and I wondered about it as well, the spelling I mean. However, runes is the way J.K. Rowling spells it in the book series. Again, thanks =)

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