HHO Generator-MacoBT





Introduction: HHO Generator-MacoBT

This is the way how to produce a HYDROGEN.



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    I wana make this!Can you tell me how? Plus what kind of power supply did you use?

    its simply,in plastic tube add water and litle soda in dust,and for inductors youcan use some steel plates and for power suplay you use DC power 12volts

    What is the electrolyte???????????????? I am having trouble deciding one one

    In right below you can ask qwestion for the community to answer.

    What I see in this video is patently dangerous! DON'T DO THIS.

    There's no flashback suppressor in the plastic tube coming from the electrolysis container. Since hydrogen and oxygen are present in a combustible mixture, igniting the mix as it comes out of the tube can also ignite the mix all the way back to the electrolyser. If this happens, the whole thing will explode.

    The only thing preventing this from happening so far is that your fuel & air mix is exploding just outside the end of the tube, which is blowing out the flame.

    A flashback suppressor can be made from a piece of tubing stuffed with several discs made from steel screening. The screen will allow passage of hydrogen and oxygen gases out of the electrolyser but will absorb the heat from a flame front travelling back up the tube.

    Install a flashback suppressor or prepare for a trip to the emergency room.

    yes there is water between the bubbles,there is no danger to explode

    no, with this setup not nearly enough hydrogen is being generated to have a constant stream of it. if you look, there is water in between the bubbles. it is a good point though, when using high voltage definitely use a flashback suppressor.

    if you add salt to the mix not only will it go faster but you'll also make sodium chlorate which you can use for all kinds of things!

    If salt is added it produces poisonous gas. There is plenty of this stuff on youtube along with instructions but always use a proper flashback arrestor as it will explode and ruin you day badly.