Motorbike Runs on Water-HHO-(hydrogen Gas)-without Petrol With Proof


Introduction: Motorbike Runs on Water-HHO-(hydrogen Gas)-without Petrol With Proof

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In this project let's go to see how run a motorbike by Water it is extremely powerful fuel! Here is use Oxy-Hydrogen generator from stainless steel

i have been getting see lot of video then i thought to make this project

Materials you need: I use very simple and home equipments for this project.
1. Stainless steel i found this steel on hardware shop.
2. A glass jar.
3. Elbo pvc.
4. Plastic pypes
5. Some ss nuts and bolts.
6. Baking soda.
7. Potassium Hydro oxide.

Step 1: Watch This Video



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    I am mad scientist

    Saving 40% fuel in this generator.

    you have not explained anything and from what i know they is no way that unit alone will produce enogth h to run that engine

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    my next video i explain how to make this one it is my first expreance

    Are you still afraid to touch the two battery terminals with bare hands? Think you might get a shock?...12v Dc only..It can not hurt you and your project is of no what memjr said.

    i am no affraid the bettry terminal is got so hot i don't know why pls help me

    the battery terminals get so hot because your drowing a very high current try clean water and test again then you should fine little gas production but little current draw as you start to lower the resiatnce of the water with baking soda or salt the current will get higher and higher this is why wet cells do not work they need for to much current for what they prodiuce thus bike can not keep the system running dry cells are the better option

    I think they protect hands from heat clamp

    Maybe you should explain how you plan to stop a flashback from blowing up your H2O cell.

    You DO know the Enfield Bullet is notorious for spitting flame back out of the carb? even though you seem to have a newer ES version, its not a chance I'd take.

    Also the Bullets charging system barely outputs 90W, goodluck getting the bikes batt to run both cell and not going to happen.

    PS If you're using a gas jar for the H2O cell, not a good idea.

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    i think the jar is full of fuel and doing this like a vapor carb and is not only hho that unit wouldent supply enogth to power a 50cc let alone anything bigger i have tried i think a dry cell maybe the way to go

    sorry dasimpson1981 you not understand it is only hho gas and it make by water

    i understandf fully i have built these types of units na dht eh production is not fast enough to run the engine and will be even less once using bikt electrics wet cells do not work for fuel alone dry cells maybe but the power draw is also higher then bike is able to keep up with

    i also use this method many time and i dont suffering any risk so i think its ok. It is only prototype next time i create new generator and fixed the motor bike it is only run by water

    Regardless of being dangerous or not, if you plan on splitting water molecules to fuel the motorcycle with the H and O gas, you're going to be disappointed.

    It takes more energy to split the chemical bonds of a water molecule than the combustion of the gases release.

    In other words, you're going to need more electricity from a battery to produce the fuel for the bike, then the fuel can generate itself.

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    also it is not an enfeild it is a honda cg125