Picture of HHO generator
Hi frnds!

Here I am at my attempt to give you more information about powering engine using water.
This instructable is a part of my previous one. Do visit that one to get a clear idea.

I am posting a video on how to build a HHO generator which will produce HHO gas to power your car's engine.
The video has part 2 for details. It leads you to a site and wants you to buy the guide.

I am posting my version and giving you a detailed information on how to do it.

Let's start!
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Step 1: Things we need

Picture of Things we need
Things we need.

1. Glass jar with plastic lid
2. Pet/squeeze bottle
3. 1000mm long braided wire
4. 500mm long water pipe
5. 1000mm long electric wire
6. CD case or thick plastic sheet
7. 2 screws with nut
8. Hollow screw with nut
9. Cheap pen without refill
10. Fuse

1. Drill machine with bits
2. Screw driver set
3. Saw
4. Ruler
5. Plase

Step 2: Setting the plastic lid

Picture of Setting the plastic lid
Remove the lid from the jar and with the help of ruler mark the centre of the lid.
Mark four holes for HHO gas, 2screws and fuse.
Drill holes through the marked points and insert screws and fuse respectively.

Now, take the cheap pen and cut near the rear end and insert the piece in the HHO gas hole (watch the video).

Now, insert the water pipe at one of the pen. Connect the wires to the screws.

The lid is now ready.
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NRen2k56 years ago
This is completely worthless. 1) There's no such thing as HHO. Water is HOH, and it's H2 and O2 that are being produced. 2) The energy you're using to breakdown the water into hydrogen and oxygen is more than the energy you get back, and ultimately that energy is coming from gasoline. 3) The amount of hydrogen produced is tiny. 4) I'm not sure about this one, but I think the baking soda is making CO2 gas rather than speeding hydrogen production. More pretty bubbles, sure, but it isn't actually doing any good.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.Water is H20,not HOH.Baking soda increases the conductivity of the water,allowing for bubbles to form faster.
Nope, you're wrong.

H2O and HOH are two different ways of expressing the same chemical formula. One version tells you just what elements compose the molecule, while the other tells you how they're actually arranged. For example, hexane can be expressed as C6H14 or as CH3CH2CH2CH2CH2CH3 - both are correct.

Sure, baking soda makes bubbles faster, but as you even said yourself, "it increases the conductivity of the water" - meaning you're drawing more current. Just because it makes the gas faster doesn't necessarily mean it makes it any more efficiently.
no ur wrong to say HOH this shows either hydrogen hydroxide or some form of alcohol but either way they both dont exist
and increasing the conductivity of the water does make it more efficient
let me give u an eg
the copper wires that make up ur processor is 99.999% pure that makes them very fast
but no good for supercomputers
for these machines this wire which have the second best conducitvity
but they also have to be supercooled to become a super conductor they have no resistance and are more efficient
so if this was in ur computer ur light bill would be much less and ur computer would be faster  
I like how dpsilver rants on like he knows all about chemisitry, yet he fails to recognise that water is not "some form of alcohol" because an alcohol requires a hydroxyl group attached to a carbon chain. Come on, this is Carbon Chemistry 101 stuff.
yes by chance i was going through my email and saw this now about the chemistry did you happen to notice the date of the post and todays current date and how much could be learnt within that time period, so my failure that you mention was coming up on 4 years ago to this date and you quote the comment in a funny way "no ur wrong to say HOH this shows either hydrogen hydroxide or some form of alcohol but either way they both dont exist " that was the original comment so i do advise you to come with some argument that is better than what you stated
Woah, hang on buddy, who ever said it was a counter-argument on my part? I was merely commenting on something I found midly amusing. That is all
coggs dpsilver5 years ago
It would be fine to call it hydrogen hydroxide and imply that it is a basic substance. Water is amphoteric and can function as either a base or an acid. Not sure about your claim of it being an alcohol, but HOH is a common way of writing H2O because it helps simplify the fact that there are 2 H atoms per 1 O atom. H2O is just a condensed form.
dpsilver coggs5 years ago
to show that it is a basic substance is incorrect because the H+ ions are in balance with the OH- ions and pure water cannot ionize
alright let me put it this way the OH group in chemistry shows an hydroxy group that are present in alcohols and a hydoxide group if it is an ION OH- H2O is a covalent substance and saying HOH is wrong
2 the way substances are written now is very important like these two compounds
COH are found in alcohols and the CHO group in ketones and aldehydes so i cant just go around saying which ever i feel like saying
one more thing i found out copper isnt in processors the only metal present is gold my bad 
The Lewis Structure of Water is:
H.^*^.H (With Best Text Representation)

Which is usually typed as H-O-H.

Using H2O instead of HOH does make more sense though.
yup i esp when using big name compounds or cycloaklanes let me see u type one of those like benzene lol
Just because the conductivity is higher doesn't mean it draws more current.
"Just because the conductivity is higher doesn't mean it draws more current."

Yes, it does. We're talking first-year electrical theory here.

Ohm's Law
(removed by author or community request)
I missed those thousands of news reports. Oh wait, don't tell me, big evil daddy government supressed it, did he? Suuuure.
"with this kind of system people are saving from 30% up to 95% on fossil fuel " No, they are not.
This 'HHO' nonsense is not only a fuel waster as you note in your point 2, the arrangement shown is patently dangerous. Without a flame arrester in the hydrogen & oxygen delivery line, a backfire in the vehicle's intake will ignite the gases in the H & O line. The flame will travel back to the electrolyser, which will then explode.

'HHO' is a HHOax. If you believe this nonsense works, you don't understand the science. If you sell 'HHO' devices, you're a scam artist.
Oh yes there is SUCH a great risk of backfire, especially in modern vehicles.
(removed by author or community request)
That's wrong. You don't get H, H and O, you get H2 and O2.
(removed by author or community request)
Do whatever mental gymnastics you want to justify using the scammers' label. Serves as a good warning for anybody with a working brain....
enough! you've got a bunch of laymen trying to come up with a name for a gas. besides, it's the results we're after, so you're wasting your breath on the name.
(removed by author or community request)
My apologies, I didn't mean you. The official name is Browns Gas, as you know, but people with just a little knowledge(or just lazy)gave it the name HHO, and it has stuck. Besides, I'm the layman here, and I say get down to business: drop the name debate and tell us if it works! Sincerely yours, Mud :p
oooo come now even thought this is unlikely lets just say for arguments sake it does u wouldnt want to go around telling people that u power ur car with browns gas lol 
it's nice to see an educated person adding their hard earned education in with the uneducated portion of society. I am educated as well (Automitive performance specialist) . the question for the engineer is. the oxygen sensor tells pcm to add fuel due to the extra oxygen added by the generator. we fool the pcm by adding a voltage oscilator to the oxygen sensor. this makes the pcm lean out the fuel. leaner burns hotter. hot enough can cause a melt down. does the hydrogen prevent the hot lean condition. if not what does it do exactly. and is that why the voltage oscilator cannot be run by itself without a generator. this is a serious question for ( the moog ).
"the oxygen sensor tells pcm to add fuel due to the extra oxygen added by the generator." the devices do not produce enough oxygen to bother the sensor, nor the computer. At 5 liters per minute, the additional 0.167% oxygen isn't even noticed.
The results of generating hydrogen from water via on-vehicle electrolysis will be the same, every time: net energy loss and resulting LOWER fuel economy. NRen is right, though. Anyone identifying a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases as 'HHO' are labelling themselves as HHOax believers.
if you just glance at any chemistry book, you would find out that you only get 1 oxygen atom and 2 hydrogen atoms from one molecule of h2o. If there were two oxygen atoms in the molecule it would be called h2o2, and its not h2o2 is hydrogen peroxide, and that is an antiseptic. Some people should really do some research before they go saying random thoughts on projects like this, BY THE WAY, I AM 17 YEARS OLD AND I JUST PROVED YOU WRONG, HOWS THAT FOR A WORKING BRAIN?
And if you just glance at any chemistry book, you would find out that many elements (hydrogen and oxygen being two of them) form diatomic molecules, e.g. H2 and O2.

So the formula (omitting energy) is 2H2O -> 2H2 + O2.

So maybe you should do some research before you jump in and tell people they're wrong.
Well I just watched Fox News an-
- Owwwwy, help me. I cant feel my legs...

ewitte NRen2k56 years ago
From a government agency

Just one thing from the article

Because of the wide flammability range of hydrogen, an internal combustion engine (ICE) operating on hydrogen can operate with a much leaner air/fuel mixture than a typical gasoline engine, which improves efficiency. A hydrogen ICE developed by Ford Motor Company can operate with an air fuel ratio as high as 86:1, compared to 14.7:1 for typical gasoline engines (see Figure 7). This results in about a 25 percent improvement in efficiency (NEW-CARS, 2003).
NRen2k5 ewitte6 years ago
Yes, I know.

Let's be clear:
  • Hydrogen injection = beneficial.
  • Onboard electrolysis = not beneficial.
 not benefical in what way? I find that there is a advantage
But how do you "find" that there's an advantage? Have you done an objective test that eliminates as many other variables as possible?
actually the energy required to break the O-H bond uses less energy than that to form it. the total enthalpy of change for the formation of water is -285.8 KJ mol-1 that means it produces energy more than that it takes to break it apart
to break the H-O bond in water (one mole) requires the addition of 684KJ mol-1 of energy while the formation of water gives -926KJ mol of enthalpy change 
so ur second problem is wrong
the amound of H2 gas produced is twice as much as the oxygen
and depends on the surface area of the electrodes
if ur 4 problem is a problem then u shouldnt have posted this comment
because it shows me that u never did any research before u commented
HHO is the name that people give to this type of gas its kinda long to say H2O gas when HHO is perfectly there
"This is indeed a place for opions however learn from your mistakes"

Although I agree with you in many parts, you are not realizing the full purpose. Yes bi-carb and vinger or even water would work better but thats a one off chemical reaction that would need to be reset. With this, you could feed water into the tank the whole time and the the energy created isn't meant to cover the energy lost. Thats Perpetual which is impossible. What this is meant to achieve is using a RE-NEWABLE FUEL to increase efficiency of a NON-RENEWABLE FUEL. More bang for your buck now please give this Author some credit. He's done a great job.

 -Cheers, Chris
ajparag (author)  Lance Mt.5 years ago
thanks you!
i really appreciate your comment.
keep posting and keep inventing!
jayb11 year ago
Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodium hydroxide take caution this is very caustic)

A teaspoon of Baking Soda in a glass of water is good for reducing an Acidy Stomach, good for a bloated Stomach as well. Been taking it for years & so did my father. Never did any harm only good.
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