Turn an ordinary house bulb into a bright HID lamp! only 35Watts. HID or XENON lights are the really bright headlights you get on some cars like the new audis, Go retro and chuck it in a light bulb! i mounted it in an old lamp.
This is my first instructable; so just comment if i need 2 improve on anything...
i could have made loads of different instructables but just couldn't be bothered here we go......

Step 1: Take Out the Bulb and Fitting

The fitting is held on by a little 10mm nut and bolt, unscrew it and the fitting comes loose. your going to have to cut the plug with a pair of sidecutters to feed the wire through to take out the fitting

Where did you get the ballast and how is the bulb wired to it?
I got the ballast with the bulb, from ebay, usually ebay sell low quality HID systems. thats why i used it in a lamp and bought a good one for my car...<br><br>The ballast has a 12V supply to the battery. <br>The bulb is connected to the ballast.<br>
Where did you get a nice one for your car? I was looking to get some but I keep finding cheap crap that breaks in a week.
How many times can burning bright with batteries 12v 7 Ah in full charge ? <br>I bought at a price of $ 30 ballast &amp; bulb
you mean how long would it last for if on constantly?<br><br>its a 35Watt bulb. 12Volts 7Ah<br>35/12=3A (2.9A)<br>7/3=2.5h (2.4h)<br>so i would say 2 and a half hours<br>Thats on average, constant use.<br> the bulb draws in a lot of current when switched on but as time goes on it goes lower; so its not a precise measurement of time, just a rough idea<br><br>I think thats how u work it out anyways<br>
Very nice! Just make sure you do not touch the glass of the HID with your hands, I've heard the oils can cause it to eventually break due to the high temperature.

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