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Credits :

   This Hidden kitchen Lid Aid  is based on Jayefuu's excellent  two lid holster instructable.

   I had to make very quickly ( while my wife went dog walking with a friend ) and still be
   completely removable in case of here unappreciative response

   While I am not moving out soon, if ever.     
   I have a wonderful wife  and It is she,
   who will decide  IF this pan lid hanger is a good idea for her kitchen.

Fun :

 For me it is the fun and simplicity of making this lid cradle hanger
 which was done faster then the time spent to take pictures documenting it.

Step 1: Step 1: Material and Tools

  • a screwdriver
  • a pair of small pliers
  • a solid metal block
  • an old rotary tool grinder
  • a metal cutting disc

  • a single length of 3/32" iron welding rod

Step 2: Step 2: Hang It Up .. Right

Attaching the Rod to the Cabinet Screw :

  1.  After hand bending the the center Rod dip.
        ( See First Picture )

  2.  Use the pliers to make the eye loop for the lower 6-32 cabinet handle screw.
        ( See Second Picture )

  3.  A best estimate for length dimensions based  on the cabinet door will do,
       worst case start another Rod or straighten and re bend the Rod.

  4.  The metal cutting disc works very well to trim the Rod to a clean end.
         ( Look Close at Picture )

  5.   Attach the Rod eye to the lower cabinet handle screw.
         ( Last Two Pictures )

Step 3: Step 3: Hang It Up .. Left

Attaching the Rod to the Left Top Hinge :

  1.  While you undo the top left Hinge  SUPPORT THE  DOOR  to avoid damaging the bottom Hinge !!
         ( See Second Picture )

  2.  As before, eyeball the length of Rod needed to hang the Lid knob evenly.

  3.  Now make a sharp right angle bend with the Rod pointing into the cavity

  4.  Use the router and metal cutting disc to gouge out a sloping slot in the wood for the Rod to fit under the hinge.
         ( See Pictures )

  5.  Also cut and trim the hook Rod right angle edge about 1/8" long and see it fits well into the slot.

  6.  Then simply tighten the hinge over the Rod.
         ( See Second to Last Picture )

Step 4: Step 4 : Standoff the Rod Shape

Hanger Shape :

 This 3/32" welding Rod has just enough stiffness to be able to stand away from door wall on its own.
   ( See First Picture )

 Simply pull to bend the Rod out from the door.

 Pushing the Rod back against the door using a thick pen or marker as a fulcrum
  This will bring a section of the Rod closer to the cabinet door.

 Adjust it in and out far enough so that a single hand can easily slip a glass lid into place.

 Repeat on the inside of other cupboard doors,  for as many pan lids as you need!

 Now enjoy your new found storage  :-)



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    25 Discussions

    One of these days I may be buying single serve pots....so who knows?

    I can tell you from experience that this works great. My mom did this to her cabinents 50 years ago.

    1 reply

    Excellent upgrade Alex! I went straight to my new kitchen to see if this would work in there but my door handles and hinges aren't on the same level :(

    2 replies

    Thanks for the compliment

    That 3/32" Rod is stiff enough to work with different levels of attachments.

    And if you feel you need a more robust Rod they are available in 4/32 ==> 1/8" diameter !

    Oooo I just thought of another improvement! Going to have to publish this one, thanks for the inspiration.

    Now i am ashamed that didnt come to mind earlier. SURE! It is sooo logic and simple nobody seemed to think about it.
    Thats how an 'ible should be: Simple, genious, practical!
    Thanks a lot!
    Gathering materials for that next week.

    1 reply

    Thanks for the very nice comment.

    That was my very thinking when I saw Jayefuu's excellent version of trebuchet's pot lid  organizer.

    My add was no change to the attachment using the only available hardware..

    This is pure genius, iceng... and practical, too. I'll definitely incorporate this idea in my new kitchen. Thank you!!!

    3 replies

    Thanks greatly for the very nice comments.
    I bet there is a welding shop near you, even in Baja.
    A hanger would also work but might rust  with time.

    Hubby has a welder, so I'm assuming he has the rods to work with it. I think we're all good!!!

    Thanks there are another style of Pan Lids I am presently working on .

    Well I don't  have to remove the install and she does like that I cleaned the cabinet for the photos.

    Thank you :-)