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Can't get enough high-fives but your friends are tired of giving you any? You don't have friends? well either way here is a simple step by step (more or less) guide that my friends and I put together to making your (forever alone) High-Five Machine!!!  

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Step 1: Getting Started

Picture of Getting Started
To begin, if you don't already have it then you need to get this awesome program called inkscape. It's a graphical design program that allows you to do all sorts of cool things. I actually came up with this idea while messing around on inkscape. To download inkscape just fallow this link http://inkscape.org/en/download/ or if it doesn't work just look it up on your browser (CHROME FTW!!!) and go to the downloads tab and find the appropriate version to download.

Step 2: Making the gears

Picture of Making the gears
Here is where we are going to make the gears to get the arm of the high five machine to move. In order to make gears on inkscape you need to find the "Extensions" tab, go down to the "Render" branch then go down to and click on "Gear...". A small window will pop up, this is where you'll adjust the size and shape of the gears that you are using. After you make the outer side of the gear you will need a small hole to put a nail through or something. make a small circle and select it along with one of the gears, click the align and distribute button, then both the center horizontally and center vertically. Now you should have gear with a circle in its direct center. Now make a bunch of gears with differing numbers of points
Are you sure it isn't a "Face Slap Machine"
Kiteman1 year ago
We definitely need to see a video of this in action.
THECARTER1 (author)  Kiteman1 year ago
As soon as everything is together ill get one on so you guys can see
+1, emphatically!
I'm pretty sure the arrangement in the photo can't work... there are different ratios affecting the bigger gear... :-|
THECARTER1 (author)  andrea biffi1 year ago
Ya that's what I thought too but... IT WORKS
Im pretty sure it wont even make a 1/4 turn, but it is kinda funny, a HIgh 5 machine...lol