Can't get enough high-fives but your friends are tired of giving you any? You don't have friends? well either way here is a simple step by step (more or less) guide that my friends and I put together to making your (forever alone) High-Five Machine!!!  


Step 1: Getting Started

To begin, if you don't already have it then you need to get this awesome program called inkscape. It's a graphical design program that allows you to do all sorts of cool things. I actually came up with this idea while messing around on inkscape. To download inkscape just fallow this link http://inkscape.org/en/download/ or if it doesn't work just look it up on your browser (CHROME FTW!!!) and go to the downloads tab and find the appropriate version to download.
Are you sure it isn't a "Face Slap Machine"
We definitely need to see a video of this in action.
As soon as everything is together ill get one on so you guys can see
+1, emphatically!
I'm pretty sure the arrangement in the photo can't work... there are different ratios affecting the bigger gear... :-|
Ya that's what I thought too but... IT WORKS
Im pretty sure it wont even make a 1/4 turn, but it is kinda funny, a HIgh 5 machine...lol

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