How to Build a Guinea Pig Hamster Cage MANSION





Introduction: How to Build a Guinea Pig Hamster Cage MANSION

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Hello! I would do anything for my little precious 9 year old and her Guinea Pig LUCY. YES, Honestly....I made this the day before I found Instructables <NOT INTENDED FOR HERE> so i can now build her a Treehouse.  Amazingly so, I noticed the PET contest and entered it in immediately! I converted her Barbie 3 story dollhouse into an amazing home for Lucy! Best Part: I found all materials around the house. Didn't purchase a thing! Santa brought the Dollhouse 2 years ago!

Step 1: Supplies & Tools Needed

  1.  Dollhouse NOT used for "primary purpose" anymore (she is done playing dolls)
  2.  Plastic Outdoor/Lawn & Garden Fencing/Netting~I needed 3' x 4' (substitute with anything that works )
  3.  You must measure your dollhouse for accurate dimensions
  4.  Hot Glue Gun & 6- 8 long glue sticks
  5.  Spray Paint (Optional)
  6.  Paper Clips 12-20
  7.  Electric Staple Gun 
  8.  Wood 2 inches in height and cut to fit dollhouse dimensions. Razor Knife (easier) or scissors to trim netting
  9.  Your "already available" basic guinea pig or hampster supplies

Step 2: Start With an *No Longer Used for Dolls" Playhouse

Sorry, Did Not Take A "Before" Picture!

Step 3: Spray Paint Basic Lawn & Garden Plastic Fencing Your Choice Color

Step 4: Use Wood Base-Board to Add Height So Bedding Doesn't Escape and Make Chronic Mess

Spray Paint Color of Choice, This was just chilling in my paint collection. Cut to fit and I used hot glue to attach to inside of dollhouse.

Step 5: Secure Open Windows in Dollhouse to Avoid Escape

Hot Glue ~on the inside of the dollhouse windows the plastic netting so your critter can't escape. The purple tube from level 3 descending down to level 2 was purchased at local pet store. This is needed so that Lucy can choose her level to chill on. In addition, there is a elevator on the right side of her home that goes from level 1 to level 2. SHE LOVES RIDING HER ELEVATOR!

Step 6: Secure Entire Front of Dollhouse Opening

Use the lawn & garden netting/fencing  to COMPLETLY cover the opening of the dollhouse. I used an DuoFast electric staple gun to attach. The staples are just a few milliliters in size which helps attaching to limited wood areas. Start at one end and stretch to opposite end to insure a tight covering.

Step 7: Carefully Cut Fencing to Create Entrances to Obtain Access to Care for Critter

Carefully cut doors to be able to get into dollhouse/cage so you will be able to tend to your critter. We used plastic color coated paperclips to be able to close the doors back up. I have a better idea for closing doors but this is working just fine for now!

Step 8: Drill Hole and Attach Water Bottle



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    OMG! I have to tell my sister this because she has this doll house and she will definitely want to make this!

    your cage is great! The home cages are always the best!

    I want to make something like this but with an old dresser or something like that.

    Just FYI, The ONLY thing I needed to ad was the running wheel. Guinea pigs shouldn't use them since they are really not made big enough and can cause back problems. Same with the enclosed balls.

    Besides that I think your cage is just fine. It is a bit small but I'm sure your daughter has plenty of floor time with Lucy!

    Hi, your dolls house cage is very pretty and a clever idea, but it is way way too small for a guinea pig and also too small for hamsters (especially Syrian). Guinea pigs need large open spaces and are not good at climbing and can not run in wheels. The plastic would be chewed through very quickly and the spray paint is probably toxic. If you want a cheap easy to make cage for a guinea pig make a C&C cage. Bin cages are cheap and easy to make cages for hamster.

    It is to small for a guinea pig but not a hamster so I would get your facts straight. Guinea pigs will eat anything and everything they even eat the coraplast on c&c cages so it impossible to keep them from eating bad things. After the spray paint drys your fine so I don't know why you said it's toxic. I'm surprised you didn't comment on how she only has 1 guinea pig because cavys get very lonely.

    The RSPCA's minimum size cage guidelines for a Syrian hamster is 100cm by 60cm and that's on one level, extra levels count as additional space, not part of the minimum size.

    Yes guinea pigs will eat anything, my 6 are forever trying to eat the coroplast on their cages and I am forever trying to stop them, but coroplast is not toxic! (Though large amounts of it may cause a blockage in their intestines). Toxic substances will kill even if only a small quantity is ingested. Non pet safe paint is not safe even if it is completely dry, if you don't believe me, go any guinea pig forum and ask!

    Hamsters don't like to really move but if you put it on a tank like a tank topper you'd be fine. I never said it was but paint and coraplast are just as toxic as each outher because coraplast has a sealant which has the same ingrediants as paint

    truly amazing, I adore that there are so many people like me who give their pets a life the deserve!!

    One question however, did u use safe spray paint?!? As cute as it is in pink, they WILL ABSOLUTELY chew on it!! Just fyi...

    GREAT job!! It's beautiful:) Hope your kiddo enjoys

    OH MY GOSH my hamster would LOVE this!!!! So cute!<3

    Lol my hamster would luv this!!