Hey guys. Well, here I am again with another of the Heckler & Koch firearms. The G36 line is one of the most well known firearm line there is, and is featured in some of the Bourne trilogy movies, as well as the new Bond movie "Skyfall." The original is 28(ish) inches long and VERY good looking. I don't know how mine compares to the original, I'll let you decide that. Oh, BTW, if you feel in the mood for a history lesson on the G36 line, see here. =D

28 in. long
Sights are kinda cool
Split barrel
Curved mag looks right
Stock is not to flimsy
Fake selector switch
Mech is brand new (but it does use the idea from my RMACR)
It'll get 50 ft. max

Front sight is not at all accurate
Mech is not as smooth as I would like it to be

BlackShadow12's G36K: Stock attachment and trigger guard

Tell me what you guys think. All your comments will be appreciated. =D Oh, BTW, I just want to here what you guys think...is this better than gtrains?

-The Red Book of Westmarch

gassybeans1 year ago

* coughs * instructions * coughs *

The best G36C on this site.
Thanks bro. =D
This is Really cool!
Thanks, my good man. Are you into K'NEX?
Not really but im into building things with cardboard. check some of my stuff out :)
I have seen some of your stuff, and it is pretty great. =D
Oh okay well thanks i really think all your stuff is really awesome! im only 15 but i try to let out the most of my creativity as possible.
Yup, you do a pretty good job. =D
Not really but im into building things with cardboard. check some of my stuff out :)
Instructions please?
I am sorry but this gun has been down for awhile. I would suggest, for future reference, that you look at the date of the 'ible. =D
Have you ever tried a rocket launcher? Just use something besides knex for ammo.
]===<>. POW!!!
A rocket launcher? Nope, though, I have always wanted to...
Sharir17012 years ago
Awesome gun man! I really really like it...
I'm glad you do. Hows that pistol? Still working well?
Knex.X2 years ago
Pretty cool! Next is a G36K?
Nope, I have already done the G36K...I really don't know what I am gonna do next...probably some sort of sniper rifle or a DMR or something...
Uzi Pro.
Nope... wait, you're a broney. Awe common man!
hehehe >=D
Oh brother...
(if you wonder, that was actually directed at you, when you said ''wait, you're a broney.'' (which is btw spelled as brony ;)))
What? What's wrong with that? Dr. Richtofen converted me.
Or a full on grenade launcher.
WA2000? We have one other on the site, but I think you can get it better (as the other is a pretty old one)
I know, I know, but I think that would be a job for BM. He has more pieces than me...
omg dude thats and amazing one!
Thanks, friend.
Johnhall442 years ago
=D I think you like H&K guns. Looks nice, hope you post it.
No, I LOVE H&K firearms. XD (that saying is soooooooo cliche). Thanks man. =D
=D is the g3,hk23,hkg3sg/1,psg1,msg90 next?
I really don know.... XD
Should I name of some more random guns XD
Wow! Very nice. I'm impressed, you did a great job. Definitely worth a 5* if it was still possible to rate, lol.
Thanks so much, I am glad you like it. How is that grenade launcher instructable coming along? (common man, post it)
Weeeeeeelllllll, um, I sort of haven't gotten to it yet. I've been busy with school and my relocation to another home, and have been working on my gun that will be innovative in a way.
Its no problem. I just really do hope that you post it before you break it. I would really like to see the mech...
Yeah, I think next weekend since it's Easter weekend I'll try and post it. I now have a pretty good mech for the gun I was talking about. So when I complete that gun I'll post the grenade launcher.
Good, good. Can't wait to see it. =D
JonnyBGood2 years ago
Nice! Are the bluerods on the side's cut?
Nope, there are no cut blue rods on this gun...at least I don't think so. 0.-
AUG-5OM32 years ago
Wow great job man!
Thanks. Are you working on anything right now, or do you still have my MPL built?
You're welcome. I am working on something, and I do not have your MPL anymore. My Camera had issues, sorry about that.
Good and no problem. Are you working on a gun?
Yes I've rebuild my Luger P08 with the knee-joint as the firing pin. It kinda works like the W.A.S.P. (you know what I'm talking about right?) Meaning when you pull the trigger is pulled the knee-joint goes up and slams down into the bullet.

I have two problems right now:
- It is single shot.
- the trigger can't hold much bands making range horrible.
I like your version better then gtrains, because your magazine looks more like the real thing then his.
Thank you. Are you working on anything?
Can't you wait? Be patient :D
I am being patient...I was just seeing if you were working on anything.
Haha ok check your orangeboard.
didexo2 years ago
Nice, I like it. I'm not sure if I like it better than GTrains though, I'm not really a fan of the G36's
Thanks man. Well, since your not really a model builder (and there is NOTHING wrong with that) I can understand.
Haha it's ok. I just rather make gtam's (guns that aren't models) ;p. But great gun none the less.
Thanks, and no problem.
Great job! I agree with Sandro, your mag looks more realistic, as does your stock, front and magwell in comparisation with Gtrain's one.
I also prefer yours over mine, as mine looks just off in some places, yours looks about perfect
Thanks honey cakes (XD, that sounds so weird of me to say that, but the nickname fits your online character) I am glad you like it. Do you want me to give you credit for the back sights? I did technically get that from you...
No problem =D you don't really have to give me credit, that's up to you :D
Ok, I am feeling to lazy to do it...so I wont. XD
... XD
CODawesome2 years ago
Freaking A+!!!!
Thanks man. What is your next gun gonna be? Or rather, what gun are you thinking about doing next...?
a type 25 or m8a1 or mtar
Cool. Can't wait to see them. =D
KneXtreme2 years ago
Ounce again man, awesome gun!
Thank you my good man. =D