My hk 416 will not be posted but I have made it into a fn scar that has a eglm grenade launcher

the hk416 uses ironmans mag and rails
it has an adjustable stock that works and looks like a m4 carbines
the range is about 50ft
there are also some pics of a good bipod you can make

IT WILL NOT BE POSTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you could make it from my m110
It's pretty good but the for grip could be a little longer
It looks mkay, just a bit overbulked in the main body
if u ajusted the handel and modified the mag, it would look alot better<br><br>
I just love it when they take a picture of a gun, and then the picture of the real one is facing the other way so I can't compare them.
Can i use your stock please?
Never. Mind
this is really cool but do you think you could point me to an 'ible with your stock or do a quick rundown of how it locks in/even a simple pic would help thx a ton
the stock seems easy i wanna see the trigger:(
https://www.instructables.com/id/KNEX_M110_SNIPER/ this is the gun he used the trigger from but you just have to change the aesthetic of the gun.
Teehee. The <em>sock </em>fully extended.
&nbsp;can you just run through how to make the extendable stock.........if u can remember how?
why didn't u make this into an instructable????????????????????<br /> WHY????????????????????????????????????????????????<br /> <br /> oh btw, the barrel is slightly too short compared to the real thing, but anyway 5*<br />
wow you just sopied dutchwarlords m4 carbine and made into a smaller hk416 lol cool <br />
<p>he made his m4 carbine from m110 and i made my hk416 from my m110</p>
i saw this gun on future weapons and apparently is the most durable assault rifle in the world!!!!<br /> they buried it in sand and took it out&nbsp;and fired it they also stuck it into water and nothing happened!!! scientifically it 30 times more durable than an m4!!!
great stock design find me on youtube under the same name
Isn't this already posted?
luv this gun nice work heres mine
The handle bothers me, it just looks weird. The mag also looks too long for the gun, just another oddity. Other than that, great
yeah I only made because I wanted to make the best m4 like stock and you are right
yeah, I love the stock!
how many bullets does the mag hold
think 8 for perfect load and 9 max
my god, its even in the website title. INSTRUCTables. those are the first 8 letters in instructions. that means post things with INSTRUCTIONS with them. this isnt a site to show off your guns -.-
so why do they allow slideshows??? i posted slideshow for my guitar hero knex guitar because the hardware is different on every gamepad and the guitar itself is customizable,and many don't want to build the same,it's for inspiration. as here,this made me build only resizable stocks...
well thanks for pointing out the obvious with the title why don't you go tell every one els who has a slide show about it. I think they would be interested in your little English lesson and also how wrong they are putting slide shows up and just before you go re educate the Instructables community about why slide shows are so wrong and aren't to show your projects off answer this why do we have a slide show option say show off your projects by it or videos to do the same thing. it kind of seem like we have the option to I don't know can you point out the obvious I just can't tell. but I will tell you the obvious thing I'm saying in this comment in a nice way is P*** OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <br/>
couldnt agree more
this gun would get alot of good ratings if it was posted as an instructable
yeah it was going to be posted but then I made it into an fn scar thats even better and I have made the fn scar so it has an adjustable cheek rest now and uses less pieces
And you said sock again here!
yeah sorry I type to fast to I miss letters because I don't hit keys hard
Lol, ok.
thanks for pointing it out
good gun 4
Shame looks and sounds like a real good gun :/ nice job tho.

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