So you have been playing Counter Strike for a while and are thinking about setting up your own server. There are many guides on installing a Half Life Dedicated Server (HLDS) all over the internet, the one I followed is;
HLDS Tutorial
but there wasn't one on Instructables! So here it is to help generate more traffic to this site!

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You will learn:
How to install a HLDS
How to run a HLDS
Configure your Router for HLDS
Set up a Static IP address for HLDS

Install Metamod
Install AMX MOD X
-bullet damage plug in
-bullet whiz plug in
Install POD BOT

Obviously you will need a computer.
-Microsoft Windows XP Pro (it can be done on other Windows OS)
-1.8Ghz Minimum
-512MB RAM Minimum
-7200RPM Hard Drive 20GB Minimum
-Internet Connection (DSL or grater recommended)
-Video Card (Optional) It will relieve Strain on the CPU and RAM
-admin privileges

You will also need to be able access and configure your Router. This is the device that provides your Internet connection.

NOTE: You will need two computers to be exact. One to run the server and the other to run the game! It is possible to run both the server and the game form the same computer but it strains the CPU and is not recommended.

Read on to begin!

Step 1: Static IP Adress

You will first want to set up a Static IP address.

'Go to 'Start" -> 'RUN' -> type 'cmd' without to quotes-> ENTER

You are now in the command prompt. See picture. Now type 'ipconfig /all' without the quotes.

Look for the following and write down:
-IP address
-Subnet Mask
-Default Gateway
-DNS Server

EDIT: You do not need to write down your IP address. We will be changing it. Everytime you turn on your computer your network automaticaly assisgns you an IP address. You will want to choose an IP address that is not likely to be assigned or else you may have big problems!

1.Now go to 'Start' -> 'Control Panel'
2.Find 'Network and Internet Connections'
3.Find 'Network Connections'
4.Find The connection you use for the Internet if more than one. RIGHT click and select PROPERTIES
5.Select 'Internet Protocol' from list and then 'Properties'
6.Check 'Static IP address'
7.Fill out information that was collected from ipconfig /all
EDIT: for IP address put something with the highest possible number. for example.
8.Click OK

Now test your connection to make sure it works by going going to the internet.
-Works? good now move on.
-Doesn't work? you filled out the wrong number. Try again.

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