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Introduction: HM-Innovations: Home Made Hookah

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Hey guys here is our instructable for our most recent video of the Hooka pipe, this this is a great addition to your bar or your room, we hope you guys enjoy this video, and remember Hookah is still a Tobacco product and it can cause cancer be very careful when you use this and remember that it can be dangerous and don't do this all the time as it can hurt you on the long run! with that said, we hope you enjoy this, and also make sure to clean the pipe very thoroughly because it can have pieces of glass on the inside of the pipe.


Step 1: Supplies and Tools

You need to have the following supplies

A glass bottle, any type will do but make sure that it works with the decoration in the targeted room.

a 12" piece of copper pipe

3" piece of plastic pipe

A hookah pipe

A Rubber stopper

and lastly the Bowl for the hookah.

Now as tools

You need a drill

a blade

and a glass drill bit

Step 2: Drilling a Small Hole Onto the Rubber Stoper

The first thing that you need to do is drill a small hole through the rubber stopper. This hole will hold the copper pipe.

Step 3: Cutting a Hole on the Cap

Using the same size drill bit you need to drill a small hole on the top of the cap, you will place the copper pipe down this new hole as well.

Step 4: Drilling the Bottle

using a glass drill bit, you need to drill a small hole on the side of the bottle that you will be using as a base. One you have that cut out, you can place everything together and see how the hookah will begin to take shape.

Step 5: Attaching the Plastic Onto the Pipe

After you have all of that done you need to attach the plastic tube to the end of your hose.

Step 6: Lastly Place the Hose in the Pipe

Lastly you need to put the hose on to the pipe this will finalize your hookah pipe.

We hope you have enjoyed this project and always be careful when you are using this product. Also make sure that you clean out the pipe just in case there is any glass left over on the inside.



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    What goes in the bowel to make it work I've been wanting one and I don't understand it

    You should never smoke anything through copper or aluminum piping as the rapid oxidization of the Cu or Al is very poisonous. Copper oxide is especially dangerous, but the aluminum oxide causes Alzheimer's.

    How thick is your hose and what size is your drill bit.

    you should use a lube or water while drilling the glass for a smother cut

    Minor editing note :
       You don't need the second copy of the video  embed(in fact,quite annoying when they're both on auto-play and you have o scroll through the entire page to figure out where the "audio echo" is coming from).

    Otherwise well written. Not useful to me, since I quit smoking years ago, but a fun read.

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    You know, this is the second time it does that, Thanks for letting me know! :)