It is Pinewood derby season for the Cub Scouts. As a father of a Weblo and a Den Leader, I hope to give your some ideas on building your car. Remember, the car is meant to be a father son project. Help your boy do as much as he can.

This year, my son decided to build a "Dukes of Hazard" inspired HMMWV (Humvee). These steps can be used to make any number of vehicles.

Disclaimer: The use of power tools in tales certain inherent risks. Proper protective equipment should always be used and tools should be properly maintained. Children should be closely monitored and aided if they are to use any power tools. I am not responsible for any injury you may sustain.

Step 1: Materials, Supplies, and Tools

It was time to gather up everything we needed.

1 pinewood derby kit
additional wood (we used balsa, so as to minimize additional weight)
wood glue
wood filler (sandable)

primer (optional)
sand paper (we used 120 and 220 grit dry, and 320 and 600 grit wet)
carbon paper
masking or painters tape

saw (a band saw works great)
power sander (optional)
Dremel tool (optional, but very helpful).
i made a more detailed one, put leds into it. it has light, but one light does not work now.
Awesome! =)
Wow that looks great none of mine ever looked that good. the wood filler is a great tip too bad I didn't know about that.&nbsp; <br />
LOVE the paint job!
Aww, I read "pinewood derby" and thought "soapbox derby"- a ride-on wooden humvee would be something to see!
Is it loud and noisy and leak fluids like a real M988? What did you name it? Mine was named shake-n-bake it gave the gate guards a laugh when we drove up. Thats, pretty cool, let your scout wear your Kevlar on race day. Ha!
Well, my boy is calling it "The General Lee Humvee". Some of the major advantages to a wooden HMMWV are that it doesn't leak or need constant PMCSing. However, it is about as underpowered as the real thing when it comes to going up hills (though my truck was an M1038ww).

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