If you have squeaky doors and WD40 you can fix the problem really easy.

Step 1: WD40

Just take the cap off and spray on the hinge that is squeaking. Move it back and forth while spraying until squeaking is gone.

<p>Thought I might find a new use</p>
<p>Olive oil works if don't have any</p>
<p>I'm mad I reads this! - Also, the title is plural; implying more than one hack. Given the first one, thanks for stopping.</p>
<p>good response. thanks</p>
<p>WD40 is NOT a lubricant... It's a Water Displacer... It actually helps in removing oil and grease.</p>
<p>old history</p>
<p>Is that it what about the millions of other uses for WD40. If this is the scope of your uses why bother.</p>
There are other uses for WD40, I know some of them. This is the one I put online. If you want to put the other uses feel free to do so.
That's all? Only one? Ehh. Any silicone lube in spray is cheaper.
<p>Ya I had WD40 laying around so I just used that</p>
<p>Fly spray does the same thing now that is a home hack.</p>
<p>Great use of WD40.</p>

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