Hi. this is my first project ever uploaded on net.In this instructable, I am gonna tell you how how to make your own  light bulb.
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Step 1: Stuff needed.

Picture of Stuff needed.
1]Pencil lead 0.5 mm.
2]Alligator wires.
3]D sized batteries 8pcs.
4]Glass jar.
5]Duct tape.
6]Cardboard pipe.

Step 2: Attaching the cells.

Attach the cells point to point in series and secure them with electric tape.

Step 3: The bulb.

Take 2 alligator wires and fix them at the ends of the cylindrical area of the cardboard pipe and secure them with duct tape.
Hook up a pencil lead to the alligator wires attached to the cardboard pipe and cover the assembly with a glass jar and ensure that the other ends of the alligator wires come out.
That's all ,you are done.
Now touch the other ends of the alligator wires to the battery.
What do you observe?
Does the lead glow yellow and pop out after some time?
If yes, then your test is successful.
This is awesome, experiments like this are often ignored as the technicalities of making it better overshadow the basics, i.e. using a vacuum system to remove or exchange the atmosphere in the jar to allow a longer burn time.
JasjotSingh (author)  iminthebathroom2 years ago
Yes you're right.someone even suggested me using a vacuum pump.
They do it here as well.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjHcx7YVonE   
Thats cool never thought to make a bulb out of that i did that with jumper cables and a car battery (not recommended)
JasjotSingh (author)  tyler33474222 years ago
Yes you could also use car batteries but be safe with car batteries
JasjotSingh (author) 2 years ago
yeah nerfrocketeer and.. well thnx iminthebathroom
So you like flashlights...? :P
billbillt2 years ago